Weekend comes: what you should eat before drinking alcohol so it does not affect you

If there is something that the years teach is to not to drink with the empty stomach. At this point in the movie, it would not occur to you to leave glasses without having dined. It is also true that there are many foods who marry very badly with the alcohol and that you feel terrible, but which are perfect for not spending a night in the bathroom?

If you want to avoid hangover, not to tear your stomach and not be vomiting every three minutes, the best thing you can do is pay attention to the meals you should eat if you're going to hit a good party. Pay attention to not repent after.

When you get drunk is because the body can not metabolize alcohol as quickly as you are drinking. "Your liver tries to process everything at once, but since it can not be stored it circulates through the bloodstream again and again waiting to be treated," he says. Marjorie Nolan Cohn, nutritionist, to 'Men's Health'

Why eat before?

Having a full stomach does three things. First dilute the alcohol by the water that contains the food; Afterwards, proteins, fats and fiber decrease absorption and the body recharges with vitamins and minerals that deplete it as well. "Eating anything is better than nothing, except for caffeine and salt, "he says. Dana Hunnes, dietitian The first exacerbates the dehydrating effects and the second affects the hormones that your body uses to get rid of water. It also makes you feel bloated.

It is always good to ingest something before drinking alcohol. Any food is fine, but it's much better if you avoid those that have a lot of sugars

Although technically you begin to digest food from the moment your saliva begins to mix with the food in your mouth, the stomach is a great mixing bowl and not an assembly line. You do not have to eat a lot before you drink the first drink. "About 15 minutes before it's fine to start drinking alcohol, "says the expert, if you do it at the beginning of the meal or with nothing inside, it will be absorbed immediately, since there is nothing else in your organ," he adds.

There is not a specific amount. Body weight, metabolism, gender and activity level are the factors to be taken into account. "Eat until you're hungry," says Hunnes. "Give yourself permission to give more than one bite", Add.

What to drink?

A yogurt light It is a good option, although it is not the only one that you should eat before leaving, since the fat contained in it will be fixed in the intestine absorbing alcohol; even more if you accompany it with nuts. Hummus with vegetables Raw can be very good too. Spirits end up with vitamin B-12 levels in the body, but consume salmon prior to alcohol, we always have a reserve in the body of this vitamin so that we can function perfectly the day after.

When you get drunk is because the body can not metabolize alcohol as quickly as you are drinking

Many people also believe that fatty foods They help because they "cover the stomach" of a protective liner that slows down the rate at which alcohol is absorbed. That is true, at least partially. This type of food, like any other, will delay absorption and minimize the effects of feeling drunk. But it's not because they're better.

The fruits and vegetables with high water content (tomato, cucumber, radishes, peppers …) are also ideal for this moment. Avoid industrial sweets if you have other options. "Simple sugar-based foods are digested quickly, so they are not as effective," says Cohn. "Better something balanced with carbohydrates, proteins and fats," he concludes.