Three golden rules to fight insomnia

Few things in the world are worse than The insomnia. Day after day we lay in bed knowing that for hours we will be going around, with our eyes wide open, thinking about how tired we will be the next day. It is a vicious circle and the more we believe we cannot sleep, the more that fear becomes a reality. We end up hating the moment that we get between the sheets.

"Current research suggests that the relationship between exhaustion and insomnia is a two-way street, as one encourages the other and vice versa," explains the specialist and doctor. Sally fisher in 'Well + Good': "In theory, anything that reduces burnout should improve insomnia and vice versa"That is why it has established three fundamental councils to be able to fight against this problem that affects more than four million people in Spain.

If you are one of those who have trouble catching the dream you will probably have read in thousands of articles what you should do to combat insomnia. A cool room, between 15 and 19 degrees, a hot bath before getting into bed, exercise to be tired but do not do less than two hours before bedtime … there are many tricks that, of course, are likely to help you improve your condition, but Fisher has focused on three that you might not know:

An herbal remedy

Rhodiola is a natural anti-stress adaptogen. It is millenary and its use already appears in records of Ancient Greece. In Russia it was used to combat the climate and in Mongolia for tuberculosis, for example. The truth is that it is a natural remedy with many benefits and health properties that balances the energy, nervous and immune systems, and that is what Fisher invites you to try.

A ritual that you follow every day before sleeping like meditating, painting mandalas or writing down your concerns can help

"In a study that lasted 12 weeks it was shown that reduce symptoms of exhaustion, in some people from the first week, "he says. Other supplements such as magnesium, the watchmaker or the ashwagandha They can also work, but, of course, if you are thinking of taking any of them, consult your GP first.

Choose a ritual

"It has been shown that training in mindfulness practices it improves both sleep and exhaustion, "Fisher explains." I absolutely recommend it if insomnia is an ongoing problem, "he adds.

What does it consist of? Really each person can choose their own. From meditation to write down your thoughts in a 'worry journal' that serves to expel your anxieties or even to color mandalas, you just have to choose what you think can de-stress you the most and do it a while before bedtime, every day, to calm you down.

Regulate your breathing

Slow and deep breathing increases melatonin production, which is the hormone that induces sleep. In case you haven't heard of her yet, the 4-7-8 technique can help you fall asleep. It is a method patented by the doctor Andrew Weil, director of Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona and a popular character in the United States.

The technique should be done sitting, according to the doctor, although you can then apply it later when you are already in bed. Once you are in that position we must place the tip of the tongue just behind the front teeth, where the palate begins. Although not essential, since the most important of the exercise is breathing and its times, aims to let exhaled air move throughout the mouth and be expelled by it.

These are the three steps most important of the exercise:

  • Close your mouth and inhale the air through the nose. Count to four.
  • Hold your breath for seven seconds.
  • Fully exhale the air from your lungs for eight seconds. It is important to make a loud sound, so this is a loud exercise, so maybe your partner does not like it too much (or he will accept that you do it for a few moments if, in that way, he avoids having to put up with you spinning in bed ).

The main thing is that you try to put aside the problems that plague you and retrieve them if you want the next morning. The bed is only for sleeping and the more you get tired thinking that you will not be able to sleep the harder it will be to get it. Relax, get into bed and close your eyes, leaving aside sheep that are fine without jumping fences.