The worst foods you can put in your mouth just before bed

Everyone has ever had the typical night hunger. You may have eaten little and a few hours have passed since the last bite, and your stomach rumbles, asking for something to fill it up before going to sleep. Or maybe what has happened is that you have eaten something and that's it, and when before you didn't think you would need more dinner, now you can't get the fact of putting something in your mouth out of your head.

This is a crucial moment for your sleep health, since if you binge, you may not be able to sleep or have to resort to a antacid. And lying in bed with a stomach ache is one of the worst sensations there can be. If you are in the middle of a weight loss diet and you notice that you feel hunger within minutes of getting into bed, it will be especially difficult to say no to your palate and intestines.

If you indulge in temptation and hunger, your sleep cycle could become unbalanced, causing you to not get enough rest.

But here what you should worry about is not just breaking the diet and indulging yourself. Also your sleeping habits. Not only because the next day you will wake up feeling your body worse than if you sleep well and peacefully, but also because sleep is a great determinant when it comes to achieving your weight goals. There are many studies that have concluded that there is a strong relationship between being obese and poor quality sleep. Basically, those who sleep less are more likely to consume more calories during the day than those who sleep the hours their body requires.


In this sense, if you allow yourself to be carried away by temptation and hunger and eat at odd hours, your sleep cycle could become unbalanced and cause you to waste hours in the arms of Morpheus in the most absurd way. Not to mention the aforementioned stomach aches that usually appear if we have eaten too much and we immediately go to bed.

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The magazine 'Eat This Not That' has consulted a series of experts to find out what is the worst food you can put in your mouth if you feel hungry at night and do not want to sleep well. And surely you will be disappointed, since it is one of the most typical and delicious Italian dishes but, in this case, to swallow before going to sleep, it is better to stay with the desire. It's about the pizza, and within its wide range of flavors and recipes, the pepperoni. Even more so if you love adding a bit of spice: this type of pizza will make your stomach go through a real night of terror, and therefore, you can't sleep.

Why is it that this is chosen as the worst food to put in your mouth at night? Well, as the reader will imagine, the amount of acid that tomato sauce contains and the spicy flavor of pepperoni, which will make you spend a night of quite annoying heartburn. Evidently, it also depends on the quality of the pizza you choose, if it is a frozen one or with an excessive amount of preservatives, much worse than the natural one.

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E. Zamorano

"The combination of the fats in cheese, the acid in tomato sauce and pepperoni can have a very negative impact on your quality of sleep," he says. Erin Palinksi-Wade, nutritionist doctor, to the magazine 'Eat This Not That'. "High Acid Foods can trigger the famous ebb, especially if ingested around bedtime. Even if you don't feel heartburn, this gastric reflux may make you feel like you haven't slept at all the next day and as if you haven't rested.

The most dangerous thing is that if the acidity worsens you can suffer indigestion, And you probably don't want to spend all night vomiting in the bathroom. Remember that to enjoy a good night's sleep, it is best to eat light and hydrating meals. Especially if you are on a diet. The body needs to rest and so does your stomach, especially if you have already eaten and are left hungry. In that case, bet on much healthier foods or products with less fat, such as yogurt or even a healthy sweet with low amounts of sugar, for example dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa. Regaining energy at night and giving your body the rest it needs is vital for good health and performance the next day.