Lose weight without going crazy at the gym (and without starving yourself)? If possible

In this 'healthy' era, where the sport More than something healthy, it has become an obligation and a synonym of posture, there are still people who are not attractive about spending hours and hours doing cardio, HIIT or sticking to the mat. Wow, the people who have always hated sports. This does not mean, dear reader, that you do not have to move; there are many ways to exercise. Taking long walks every day, choosing a discipline that we like, such as dancing or practicing yoga if we enjoy them would already count as physical exercise.

The problem is that in the 2.0 world we live in, becoming 'fit' beings has evolved into almost an obligation. But it is not: the truth is that if you don't like sports, you don't like it. It is totally acceptable that you do not save every direct of 'full body' on Instagram or that you do not have weights and a thousand tights at home. Now that the heat arrives, the quarantine has wreaked havoc on our weight and we want to see ourselves better, going on a diet is the only way out (or rather a way in) to get into our favorite jeans. And most of the diets include a lot of physical exercise, something that is not for everyone.

Todd Parker, a physiologist and strengthening and conditioning specialist, says in the book 'The sports nutrition guide' that "weight loss is generally between 75-80% due to diet, and only 20-25% due to exercise." So the key to weight loss is in food and not so much in sports. We are only talking about numbers on the scale. In the event that you wanted to gain muscle or tone your silhouette, sports would be essential. But if what you want is to lose weight without becoming a VIP in the gym and with a balanced diet, there are some guidelines that you can follow and that are not focused on spending three hours a day doing spinning, as some of the most fashionable latest disciplines dictate. .


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Pay attention to nutritionists: eat breakfast like a king

The saying sums it up: "eat breakfast like a king, eat lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar." A hearty breakfast will keep you satiated until lunchtime, will keep you away from snacks and also, if you include egg it will help you lose weight (in the link we will tell you why). The body also goes through different metabolic stages throughout the day, so a slice of bread will have less effect on glucose at breakfast than at dinner. It also influences physical activity during the day, which helps you burn those calories from breakfast.

Eat if you are hungry, not out of boredom

In recent years we have heard a lot about the benefits of 'mindful eating', that is, raising awareness of the food we eat. We must distinguish between emotional hunger and physical hunger, understand what we eat, what foods make us feel better, feel worse …

Forget about the 5 white poisons

The "five white poisons", according to experts, are the enemies of the diet: refined salt, pasteurized milk, flour, rice and white sugar are foods that we should not eat on a daily basis. We substitute salt for spices, milk for vegetable drinks, rice for quinoa and sugar for natural sweeteners such as dates.

Sport yes, but neither 24/7

Taking long walks, walks on the beach, swimming in the sea or dancing can become excuses to get some exercise without falling into the nets of excessive fitness. The important thing is that you move, have a healthy diet where ultra-processed foods are not present and enjoy healthy habits. This way you will lose weight, and most importantly, you will feel better.

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