How to eat healthy while respecting the environment

Leading a healthy and eco-sustainable life should go hand in hand, so we are going to tell you how you can eat healthy while taking care of the environment. Take note of these guidelines so that your lifestyle is a real echo.

Green I want you green

Excess red meat in the diet has been associated with diseases such as cancer and have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, so Doctors and nutritionists recommend not to abuse this type of animal food and increase the intake of fruits and vegetables to improve the general state of health.

Not only your health will thank you for this gesture, the environment also because unfortunately there are reports that have come to affirm that livestock generates 18% of greenhouse gases nothing more and nothing less! In addition to the animals need more water to live than many vegetables.


If you plan your menus in advance you will be able to buy what you need for the week so you will avoid throwing away food. If you go to the market without the homework done you probably buy more fresh products that you will surely end up pulling.

Always make a shopping list based on the dishes you are going to cook that week, this nor it will only prevent you from wasting food, it will also prevent you from buying occasional food from the dark side of the ultraprocessed, stick to the list and please do not go hungry to buy because surely your willpower will bend.

Seasonal food

Opt for seasonal foods since they need less preservation processes and are at their right point of maturation, without altering their natural cycle. Yes, besides you can buy products of proximity you will be doing a great favor to the planet since this way you will avoid transport and storage to those who submit to food with the contamination that this entails.

Make a list of what are the seasonal foods although you can see it clearly in the market, if in doubt, always ask! And don't forget to take cloth bags with you so you don't have to use unnecessary plastic, you know how long it takes to degrade.

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Sign up for batch cooking

To eat healthily and sustainably at the same time, it is not enough to buy organic food, you can save energy from your kitchen by preparing dishes once a week to eat the rest of the days, thus you will optimize the heat of the oven, and of the fires with the pans and the pots.

You can cook stews, roasts, side dishes, pastries … harnessing the energy of your kitchen thus making a lower expense on your bill and at the same time helping to take more care of the environment.

The way matters

Yes of course for example cooking frying with a lot of oil food generates waste that is not easily recycled, so it will be, in addition to healthier, more eco-sustainable to prepare your meals with methods such as baked, grilled, steamed or in papillote where food is cooked in its own juice.

With small daily gestures we can take care of our planet a little more without neglecting our diet, both are compatible and important. And you? Have you proposed this year to be healthier and more sustainable?

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