Health benefits and nutritional value of mascarpone cheese

If you like cheese, you can’t stop trying the mascarpone variety, especially for making creamy sauces and sweet desserts.

Last update: 03 October, 2022

Mascarpone cheese is a creamy dairy product that is used as the main ingredient to make certain sauces and desserts, such as tiramisu. It has a mild and neutral flavor that can be perfectly integrated into many different types of dishes. In addition, it has nutritional benefits, so it can be included in the diet frequently without any inconvenience.

Before we begin, it should be noted that regular dairy consumption is recommended by almost all nutrition experts. These foods usually provide high-quality protein. and essential minerals that contribute to maintaining good health. Of course, in general terms, it is convenient to prioritize the fermented ones, since they also concentrate probiotics inside. They are able to help take care of the microbiota.

Mascarpone cheese nutritional information

Mascarpone cheese provides some essential nutrients for the body.

From the point of view of nutritional value, each serving of 28 grams of mascarpone cheese provides about 120 calories. It is thus an energy product. For this reason, it will have to be introduced into the diet with certain criteria, to avoid generating a hypercaloric environment that manages to promote fat weight gain. This would not be positive for the organism.

As far as macronutrients are concerned, the greatest contribution comes from fats. The stipulated ration has 14 grams of this element and only 2 grams of protein. Of course, of high biological value. It does not have carbohydrates inside or sugars of any kind. Not fiber either.

To finish, mention must be made of calcium, since 28 grams of cheese cover 4% of the recommended daily amount of this important mineral. It is an essential substance for the maintenance of a competent bone structure over the years. In this sense, the regular consumption of dairy products and vegetables with calcium in them is recommended to prevent fractures and other alterations in bone health.

Benefits of mascarpone cheese

The proteins present in mascarpone cheese are of high biological value. This means that they contain all the essential amino acids and that they have a high score in terms of digestibility.

In this way, it will contribute to the maintenance of a healthy lean mass, avoiding the development of chronic pathologies such as sarcopenia. This is indicated by a study published in BioMed Research International.

For its part, Calcium will be a key element to prevent osteoporosis. This pathology is more incident in women who have already passed menopause and greatly increases the risk of suffering bone fractures. This could condition the welfare state.

However, to ensure the correct assimilation of calcium, it will be necessary to ensure that the levels of vitamin D in the body are within optimal ranges, as confirmed by research published in Frontiers of Hormone Research.

Of course, certain precautions must be taken when consuming mascarpone cheese. The first one has to do with the importance of avoiding adding sugar. This is complicated in the case of desserts, but you can still moderate their consumption.

In this way, metabolic health will be improved, since simple carbohydrates could negatively impact pancreatic function, especially in the case of sedentary people. A study published in Current Diabetes Reports confirms it.

allergies to mascarpone cheese

Mascarpone cheese can cause allergies, like other dairy products.

It is important to consider that people who are allergic to milk proteins will not be able to consume mascarpone cheese. In this case, an alternative should be found to include in desserts or to prepare sauces. It is true that this variety of cheese loses much of the whey, but even so it is still considered a dairy product.

Even if there is lactose intolerance, symptoms could develop after ingestion of said food. The sugar content is not high, so some people will tolerate a certain amount in the diet. Even so, it is best to test individual tolerance to see to what extent the body accepts the product.

Mascarpone cheese, a beneficial dairy

As you have been able to verify, mascarpone cheese is a slightly special type of dairy that has some health benefits. It has less protein and more fat than other milk derivatives.

However, it can be included with some regularity in dietary routines. Of course, as far as possible, you should avoid adding sugar so as not to generate stress at the pancreatic level.

Finally, we must bear in mind that calcium intake should be optimized during all stages of life to prevent osteoporosis in the future. This complete disease is considered chronic and greatly affects people’s well-being. Of course, even once developed, it could be treated efficiently by improving the diet and regularly practicing muscle strength work.

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