Does your face get red when you exercise? These are the causes

Are you one of those who after one training session he puts on Red face like a tomato? Don't worry, you won't die or have any rare disease. It happens to many people when they finish doing sport.

Catching that crab tone similar to what the Germans catch after several hours lying in the sun is a effect which can last half after finishing the physical exercise. Does it happen to you also during? "I am not much of sharing selfies on social networks if I trained because once I did it and everyone asked me what was happening with my face, "he says Jenny to 'Pop Sugar'.

No, it hasn't given you much sun. "If your face turns bright or dark red when you exercise, It is a normal response to physical activity. When you do sports, your lungs work harder to give more oxygen to your bloodstream and your heart rate speeds up to take it faster to the muscles, "he explains Rick Woodin, dermatologist.

Should we worry?

The heat that is generated with the exercise must be eliminated to avoid dangerous rises in body temperature. And our cooling system does not differ much from that of a machine. "When the blood vessels and pores of the skin widen to bring oxygen to the muscles, your face becomes red and the capillaries under the skin carry more blood. It is vasodilation", keep going.

We must make sure to drink plenty of water before, during and after workouts to avoid depletion and dehydration.

Simply put: by increasing body temperature, your body is redirecting heat To the skin. "There is more blood traveling through your blood vessels. It’s just a way to regulate it", Add Adarsh ​​Vijay Mudgil, Fitness expert

However, if that color is an excessively intense red and lasts more than 30 minutes once we have finished the competition or our training could be a hint of a possible liver problem, probably due to poor diet, excess fat and protein, or too much alcoholic beverages.

What if it happens during the exercise?

Your face may look super-red, but it is only a natural side effect of the body's internal cooling system. Then it is a good thing! Woodin states that facial redness no cause for concern, unless you are accompanied by other symptoms that may be of concern to your health such as dehydration, nausea, unusual breathing or rapid heart rate, which may be additional signs that you are trying too hard.

"We must all be careful with heat fatigue when temperatures are high," he warns Gretchen Frieling, Dermatopathologist in Boston. She believes that we should make sure to drink plenty of water before, during and after workouts to avoid exhaustion and dehydration.