Cucumber water for liquid retention: benefits and recipe

Liquid retention is a relatively frequent problem today. It is basically defined as an inflammatory disorder that occurs when the body fails to eliminate fluids correctly. These end up accumulating in the tissues and cause swelling.

The most common is that the inflammation caused by fluid retention is manifested in the feet or legs. However, it can also occur in any other part of the body. This adds several pounds of weight, although temporarily.

Cucumber has proven to be a vegetable capable of contributing to the relief of this problem. Despite this, by itself it fails to fully combat fluid retention. Adjustments in diet and lifestyle must be made to achieve long-term effects. It is always convenient, in any case, to consult the doctor.

Fluid retention

Fluid retention usually manifests with swelling of the lower extremities; In addition, it sometimes manifests with changes in urination.

The body of an adult is composed mostly of water. This substance forms between 50 and 60% of the organism and is distributed inside and outside the cells. The body has several mechanisms to regulate this amount of liquids.

When these mechanisms fail, an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the tissues occurs. This can occur only in a specific area, or in the whole body. Most often, there is swelling in the legs and ankles. There may also be an increase in abdominal contour and decreased urination.

Fluid retention can be pathological or non-pathological. In the first case it is due to circulatory problems, kidney and liver diseases, or heart failure. In the second case it is due to a dilation of the veins, due to the effect of ambient heat.

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Cucumber Properties

Cucumber is a natural diuretic and an inexhaustible source of water and potassium. It has great purifying properties and also acts as a laxative. That is why it helps eliminate swelling of the feet, ankles and hands, caused by fluid retention.

This wonderful vegetable is also very rich in mineral salts. In addition to a high concentration of potassium, it also contains iron, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.. It also concentrates significant amounts of vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system, helps fight free radicals and prevents aging.

As if all this were not enough, Cucumber also contains an important enzyme called erepsin. This helps to make better use of proteins. In addition, it is a very low-calorie food and that is why it is usual to be recommended in all diets.

Cucumber water and fluid retention

Because of its diuretic effect, cucumber is one of the best allies to combat fluid retention. In addition, it makes an "extra" contribution of nutrients to the body.

Cucumber water is ideal to combat fluid retention. It is especially indicated for those people who do not like mineral water. Cucumber provides a mild flavor, as well as important nutrients. This drink is a good replacement for soft drinks or other drinks that give you little.

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  • You just have to take two medium cucumbers and cut them into slices, with everything and their peel.
  • Then put them in a jar with a liter of water.
  • Let stand for about three hours and then consume every time you are thirsty. Ideally, you should drink two liters per day, if you have fluid retention.
  • If you want to add a little more flavor and power, you can add the juice of a medium lemon and a tablespoon of ginger zest.
  • Let the mixture stand for three hours in the refrigerator. Then strain and drink throughout the day.

Other data of interest

The cucumber, in all its presentations, acts as a diuretic. Cucumber water is one of the most pleasant and continuous ways to ingest it, but not the only one. You can also eat it in a good salad with yogurt and garlic. These two elements enhance its antioxidant action.

If you are one of those sweet tooth people who like to snack here and there all day, you can make excellent sandwiches with cucumber. Combine it with tomato and grated cheese. Bake a minute and you will have an excellent bite. Or just eat the raw slices.

In any case, to remedy fluid retention, it is best to introduce important changes in your diet and lifestyle. If it is not a hot season, in all cases it is advisable to consult the doctor. This problem could signal something more serious.