Ceramics, velvet, gold … Seven decoration trends that will triumph in autumn, according to Zara Home and Ikea (and that you cannot miss)

The countdown to the arrival of autumn has begun. We leave behind a summer season full of intense colors, linen and many pieces of natural fiber, to welcome a season flooded with earth colors, warmer materials … Without a doubt, a warmer, more welcoming and perfect decoration to enjoy from the house to all comfort. But surely you will wonder now that you are settled at home after the holidays, what are the trends that will triumph this fall. Well, this season we will once again enjoy fabrics such as velvet, but there are also novelties such as bouclé. The latter has become the fashionable fabric in armchairs, armchairs and poufs. Discover all the trends that will flood your home this fall and enjoy a cozy and 'trendy' space.


Upholstered bouclé chair from Zara Home (249 euros). / zara home

Among the trends of autumn-winter 2021/2022 What we will see most in the decoration of the houses is the bouclé fabric (it comes from French and means "curly") made of knotted yarn. This trend has its origin in the 60s when Coco Chanel incorporated it for the first time in her garments, thus making the bouclé one of the most famous fabrics in the world. It is an elegant, timeless thick fabric that is very easy to integrate into any corner of the house. In addition, it is a soft, silky material with practically no wrinkles. In general, in decoration we see this type of fabrics in armchairs, armchairs, or poufs.

Ceramic pieces

Ceramic pieces from Zara Home. / zara home

Crafts are becoming very valuable in recent years. Without a doubt, they are unique pieces, with irregular shapes and made with good quality materials. This craze for crafts has reached the world of decoration. In autumn, it will be the tableware that brings that natural touch and craftsmanship to the houses in a multitude of finishes and colors.

Kitchens in green


Do you cook in green? Without a doubt, when you see them you will want one just like this this fall. Green is one of the fashionable colors, and it will also flood kitchens this season. This is how we have verified them with this kitchen so original and full of personality from IKEA. A kitchen in dark green, but full of life thanks to small details such as the front in white or the accessories in gold. Would you dare to copy it?

Natural fibers come into the house

Wooden and wicker chair from Zara Home. / zara home

All the natural fibers that we use this summer abroad, now enter the house. This is a trend that we already saw last year, and that in addition to bringing warmth to the house, it is very practical. So we can take advantage of all those dining chairs on the terrace and add them indoors without problem. The trick to give natural fiber chairs or armchairs extra warmth is to incorporate a warmer textile, such as a velvet cushion or some fur plaid.



For many seasons that pass, velvet it is a material that does not abandon us. Every fall he returns to become the undisputed protagonist. It is a fabric that brings a lot of warmth to spaces, it is soft and, of course, very elegant and sophisticated. We can integrate it into a multitude of corners, from large sofas, armchairs, poufs, through headboards, benches, to cushions, or blankets.

Pieces in gold

Set of three white and gold candlesticks from IKEA (25 euros). / ikea

Gold is one of the most elegant shades. With the arrival of autumn, el dorado once again becomes one of the kings of the house. We will once again see pieces in gold in a multitude of rooms: from the kitchen (with taps), to the dining room table (with cutlery) or even in the living room (with lamps).

Accessories and furniture with many curves

zara home

This fall we will see many furniture and accessories with curved shapes, or what is the same: the 'bold' trend. This trend arises as a need to create, after the pandemic, a more welcoming, close and comfortable home. And this, without a doubt, is achieved immediately by furniture and decorative elements with curves. From sofas, armchairs, to vases. The most rounded pieces are worn, with irregular shapes and with a natural appearance. The advantage of using this type of piece is that it gives the rooms an original, daring touch, and also manages to break with the straight lines of the rest of the house.

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