Can you eat eggs that have a blood point?

It is possible to observe that some eggs have a point of blood or remains of it. From here on, doubts arise about whether it is possible to consume them or whether it is best to discard them to avoid problems. Here's what science says about it.

Eggs are recommended foods in the diet. They have proteins and essential nutrients for the development of tissues and for the functioning of physiological reactions. In other times, their intake was limited to a weekly level, but that is something that has already been left behind.

Why does the egg come out with blood?

The presence of blood in the egg is a common event. It can happen in up to 3% of these foods. This is caused by the rupture of small blood vessels at the time of the detachment of the ovum from the follicle. Disruption of the physiological processes located in the reproductive organs of chickens can lead to slight bleeding.

Some experts associate this event with certain nutrient deficiencies in the egg. For example, low levels of vitamin K have been identified in some of the foods that have these hemorrhages inside. However, the evidence is not solid and, even if it is, it does not represent a major problem either, since this vitamin can be synthesized without problems in the human intestinal tract thanks to the microbiota. This is stated by a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

However, there are also other factors that can determine the presence of blood spots on the yolk of the egg. An example is diseases in the animal or defects in the vaccination program. However, these are very rare causes, as the health of chickens is highly controlled in the industry.

The blood in the eggs can come from the interruption of the fertilization of the hens and is harmless to human health.

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Is it normal for it to happen?

As we discussed, the presence of blood in the egg yolk is a relatively common phenomenon. It can happen in up to 6% of brown eggs. Therefore, it should not surprise us excessively, since it does not indicate that this food is in bad condition.

Anyway, it should be noted that if instead of a point of blood there is a forceful stain, it may be that fertilization has occurred. This, even if the development of the embryo stopped later.

Is it safe to eat them?

The presence of blood in the eggs is not a reason to discard these foods. Its consumption is safe and its main properties are not altered; neither the organoleptic nor the nutritional ones.

For this reason, there is no reason to worry in such situations. Keep in mind that this food is recommended and that it contains proteins necessary to maintain proper muscle function, according to a study published in Nutrients.

In any case, it is necessary to differentiate the red spots of blood with a red spot that can also appear sometimes and that indicates the contamination of the food with a pathogenic organism. However, it is rare, although it can cause serious health problems due to poisoning.

It is also possible to find dense white spots on the eggs in the white area., which is indicative of freshness. Although some people are also suspicious of these brands, they are associated with a better condition of the product.

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How are these stains detected in the industry?

The industry tries to avoid the presence of blood spots in the eggs. For this, it attends to the different factors that trigger them, most of them being related to the stress of the animals. For this reason, ventilation and lighting of the spaces where they live is taken care of, as well as a vaccination program for chickens is offered.

To detect the presence of blood inside the product, a sampling process can be carried out. However, there are some machines capable of reporting the presence of the problem by means of a system based on the emission of waves. In any case, it is a more reliable method of evaluating the quality of the shell than the presence of blood inside.

In industry, detection of blood in eggs is done as part of quality control.

Blood stains on the egg are not a problem

There is no problem in consuming eggs that have blood spots on the yolk. As a general rule, these only indicate the rupture of a blood vessel in some process related to the reproductive cycle. But this does not have a negative impact on human health.

Although it is true that the presence of said coloration could indicate a health problem in the animal, this is a very rare cause due to the strict controls that the hens go through.

Remember that the egg is a food with a high nutritional density and that it is included in the healthy diet. It is a source of high-quality protein that helps to ensure muscle vitality. Combine it with vegetables to obtain preparations with a high dietary value.