Airline renewed auxiliary uniforms thinking more about your comfort

A Ukrainian airline understood that beyond clothing, what matters is the well-being of the workers. Discover the magnificent story!

Last update: 25 January, 2022

Workers are essential for the growth and proper functioning of a company. Therefore, It is vital that day by day their well-being and tranquility are promoted.

Fortunately, in recent times many entities have understood this. Because of that, have provided the guarantees so that their employees can perform their duties in a comfortable and safe manner.

One of the last great examples of this event was carried out by the airline SkyUp, from Ukraine. This because of He realized that wearing high heels for too long could cause injuries and extreme fatigue to his flight attendants.

Therefore, after 4 years of operation, decided to implement a strategy to change that reality. Here we share all the details of the story.

The renovation of the uniforms

The top executives of the important Ukrainian airline decided that it was best to renew the uniforms of their workers. Well, its great objective is that each of the members of the company perform their duties with pleasure and without putting their health at risk.

In view of this, they ordered the design of comfortable slippers so that the stewardesses could move comfortably. In this way, they outright eliminated dangerous heels from the company’s attire.

In addition, these were accompanied by comfortable pants and an elegant orange blazer. A) Yes, They began to guarantee that each one of the workers could feel lighter during the day and move with ease.

Undoubtedly, with this decision they began to fight against the stereotypes imposed on society. Well, it is possible to look elegant without exposing yourself to the use of heels for 8 or more hours in a row.

They also showed that beyond fashion and social trends, the priority must be the well-being of the workers. Therefore, what corresponds is to analyze their needs and create suits that are comfortable for them and, at the same time, give a good image of the company.

In this way, apart from guaranteeing good physical health, they are guaranteeing the emotional care of the employees. This because of they free them from pain, tension and allow them to enjoy the whole day.

This is how SkyUp opened the door for many more airlines to take this factor into account. Well, the tranquility of the workers is as important as the development of the company.

Final reflection

Human dignity is the item that must be protected most in a job. Well, each employee gives himself to the maximum for the good of the company and, the minimum, is that the entity promotes security and fulfillment.

On the other hand, these decisions are what allow a person to really enjoy their profession. This because of he realizes that he can fulfill his dreams without being exposed to any risk.

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