4 problems in your eyes that you should not ignore

Seeing bad is not the only symptom that can reveal the presence of problems in the eyes. There are more signs that indicate that the health of your organs of sight may be compromised. You must take them into account to act before they become a difficult complication to solve.

Nobody but ourselves will take care of our health, for that reason it is very important that we attend in time every strange event in our body. Know the eye problems that you should not ignore and consult a specialist as soon as possible, since you may run the risk of losing your sense of sight if you do not take the necessary precautions.

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You see cobwebs and flashes of light

In the posterior chamber of the eyeball, there is the vitreous body, which has the consistency of an egg white. As it ages and the gelatin becomes more liquid, it develops floats, which are often seen as cobwebs.

They are usually harmless, but if you notice a sudden increase, you should consult a specialist. This could mean that your retina and the blood vessels in your eye have been broken. If you also see flashes of light, it could signal a detachment of the retina, which could lead to blindness.

Depending on the location and size of the wound, doctors may choose to treat it with laser or freeze treatments, inject a gas bubble in the eye to replace the retina in place, or operate the eye.

New moles or freckles on the eyes

If you have always had a mole in your eye, do not worry, your ophthalmologist surely already recognizes it. But if suddenly new ones appear, go to an ophthalmologist to evaluate them.

The problem with moles is that they can be malignant. It is extremely rare for this to happen, but if a tumor or melanoma develops in your eye, you will notice drastic changes such as blurred vision.

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You see double

Double vision with open eyes usually means that your muscles are not aligned correctly. This could be due to a neurological problem, such as a tumor in the brain or a heart attack.

Double vision in a single eye, which is less common, can be caused by cataracts or a problem related to the retina. If it's just a muscle problem, you can use glasses or undergo some surgical procedure.

Pain or burning in the eyes

Inflammation and irritation is the main culprit of a burning or itching sensation in the eyes. Usually, it's a condition called blepharitis, caused by a bacteria or microscopic mites that live in the eyelids, as explained in the guide All about Vision.

There may also be an infection or inflammation of the sebaceous gland of the eyelid. Doctors usually prescribe compresses to drain the eyelid. And if it does not drain on its own, surgery is required.

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