Yoyo effect: Why is it produced and how can you avoid it?

Generally, the goal of dieting is to lose weight in a short time. However, some meal plans are often not what is expected and in the end, they end up producing the opposite effects. He yoyo effect It is the result of doing one of the many famous diets, without first obtaining the necessary information. But Why does it occur and what can be done to avoid it?

Yoyo effect what is it about?

The yoyo effect; also know as rebound effect, is an eating disorder that manifests itself at the end of a diet with many restrictions. Today, it is very common to find hundreds of diets that promise to lose weight quickly and without complications. However, many of these eating plans are unbalanced.

This causes the person to regain all the weight they had lost, a few days after stopping the diet. The yoyo effect can cause the person to end up gaining more weight than they were supposed to lose by dieting.

The goal of every dieter is to lose weight and keep their bodies lean and healthy. For this reason, it is essential to see a nutritionist before doing any of the so-called "miracle" diets.

Leading a healthy life depends mainly on the type of diet that is consumed daily. The yoyo effect can cause a person to lose or regain weight in a short time. Which, in turn, causes a series of problems in the body.

Much of the so-called miracle diets are usually hypercaloric, this generates a huge imbalance of energy. As a consequence, it can lead to the appearance of various eating disorders.

What are the main causes of the yoyo effect?

Once a diet is started where many restrictions are imposed and at the same time an imbalance, this can end badly. This is one of the causes of the yoyo effect, where even the body can present risks of suffering serious and irreversible damage. When the body is subjected to a nutritional alteration, it activates a kind of emergency system. The aim is to avoid the danger of starvation.

¿Why does the yoyo effect occur? One of the first factors to take into account is that there is a slowdown in metabolism. This to try to take advantage of the scarce nutrients that are received as much as possible to convert them into reserves. Besides, the body begins to get rid of what it does not need in an accelerated way.

One part of the process is removing stored water, as there is a severe restriction on some important foods. By not receiving the necessary amount of nutrients, the body quickly lose body weight. Becoming one of the reasons why many people decide to opt for diets with quick results.

Likewise, a significant loss of muscle mass occurs in the body, since the muscles require a greater consumption of calories. Which for some means more weight loss, but this is totally wrong.

Once the person has achieved the weight they wanted so much and ends the diet, this becomes a double-edged sword. First there is the feeling of pride for having lost all the weight that was being sought. But, there is also an anxiety to consume foods that were restricted during the diet. The body quickly absorbs all the calories that it has not consumed for a long time and as a result, it begins to gain weight.

How can the yoyo effect be avoided?

Fortunately, there are many ways to avoid the yoyo effect and thus, not gain weight disproportionately. However, it is advisable to go to a nutritionist so as not to put your health at risk. Below the yoyo effect how to avoid it:

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Eat fresh food

Keeping a calculation of the calories consumed daily can be effective in some cases, however, knowing the origin of these is more effective. In this way, increasing the intake of fresh food and in turn, reducing the consumption of processed products, is essential in weight loss.

Besides, it is a food process that can be sustainable, in other words, it can become permanent. This causes weight loss while preventing certain diseases, such as obesity.

Increase your fiber intake

Another negative point of miracle diets is that they do not generate a satiety effect. This is one of the reasons why many people decide to quit and this in turn produces a lot of anxiety.

Fiber consumption is essential in weight loss, so it is advisable to eat vegetables and fruits. Whole grains and grains are ideal when it comes to causing a satiety effect and they do not provide many calories. As if that were not enough, they prevent stomach problems, such as constipation.

Allow a whim from time to time

A good diet must be healthy, varied and of course, balanced. However, indulging in a little indulgence can also help prevent the yoyo effect. This does not mean that a food or product should be consumed excessively, the ideal is to do it punctually and moderately.

This is very important to make the diet more bearable, especially in the case of beginners. It also allows the body to adapt to the new eating plan without risk. Consuming one or another food outside of the diet helps reduce the anxiety that occurs during a restrictive diet.

Implement intermittent fasting

There are certain methods that can be very effective when it comes to preventing the yoyo effect, intermittent fasting one of these. Setting breakfast aside does not cause major changes in appetite, which makes it a perfect option to avoid eating disorders. Besides, it greatly influences the decrease in the amount of calories consumed in the week.

Eating healthy

Magic diets may seem like the best option in the short term, but they can have negative effects that can be permanent. The most advisable thing is to choose a diet that is healthy and that does not put health at risk regardless of the longer process. Losing weight by sacrificing the well-being of the body will only bring serious consequences, so it is not recommended in any case.

Perform exercises

When you want to lose weight, physical activity is as important as diet. It is for this reason that it is advisable to carry out any sport or exercise to stay healthy and avoid illness. Interrupting daily exercises while on a diet also produces the yoyo effect so it is necessary to avoid it as much as possible.

Avoid stress

Many people may not believe it, but stress causes a host of disorders in the body. When it is not controlled, life is accelerated, there is not a good rest and there is a lack of physical activity, this has consequences.

Stress is another cause of the yoyo effect and when left unchecked, it can cause a person to gain up to three times the weight lost. To avoid this, it is best to change the way you eat, lead a calmer life, go for a walk, get enough rest. In this way, the yoyo effect, as well as other eating problems, could be avoided without any problem.

What are the consequences of the yoyo effect?

The yoyo effect can have many consequences that could even put a person's health at risk. This is one of the reasons why it is essential to see a doctor before carrying out any type of diet. Between the consequences of the yoyo effect or rebound effect, the following may be mentioned:

– There is a significant increase in body weight after finishing the diet.

– People have serious episodes of anxiety and stress when noticing that their efforts to lose weight were in vain.

– It can cause severe depression.

– It is possible that some gastrointestinal disorders are manifested.

– The body can suffer serious damages due to the loss and gain of weight in such a short time.


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