You've always peeled the garlic: the trick to do it right and fast

The Garlic It is one of the most appreciated culinary spices in the history of mankind. In fact, there are records in Sanskrit that document remedies made on the basis of this food approximately 5,000 years ago. Is a dressing essential in many of the dishes of the kitchen Mediterranean and has infinite Benefits to health.

What is a bit annoying to start cooking is peel them. It takes a long time, there is always some loose thread and everything gets lost with so much skin. From time to time it appears on the internet efficient trick and easy that changes the paradigm of what we had always known.

The video published in Twitter during the last weekend by the graphic designer of 3D games Valentina Lord accumulates more than 14 million views, 8,000 comments, 115,000 retweets and 334,000 'likes' and it shows how to peel without any problem or impediment in a very agile way all the teeth of the food.

How to do it

The truth is that seeing the images it seems very simple. This young woman takes all the garlic and with a punctuated tool (it could be a knife or any sharp kitchen instrument) pricks each tooth and removes it one by one from its wrapping.

Numerous studies claim that garlic helps the microbiota, memory, improves circulation or strengthens the immune system

Many users have been surprised of this new technique and the most skeptics have tried it in their homes. However, many of them they assured that it does not work. "I just did it and I have broken all You feel that I was trying to get out, "says one of them. Try it with caution, do not go to cut and tell us if you really got it or there is something in the method of this designer who has not told us.

But there are other methods, perhaps a little more rude that also became viral. Strike a head of garlic with your hand (or with the base of a pan) to separate the teeth. Place these in a metal bowl and put another similar one on top, creating a kind of sphere. Shake the bowls hard and you will have all peeled very quickly.

Infinite benefits

Improves circulation, strengthens the immune system, helps fight flu and colds, is rich in vitamins A, B, C and antioxidants, reduces cholesterol levels … For thousands of years it was believed that garlic had healing properties and although it is still not usually included in the main superfood lists. Its benefits are increasingly appreciated by both medicine and the kitchen. For more advantages, Spain is an important producer and here copies of the highest quality are grown and exported later in the rest of the world.

The video accumulates more than 14 million views, 8,000 comments, 115,000 retweets and 334,000 'likes'

But not only this. Throughout history in the Middle East and East Asia, they have been used to treat bronchitis, hypertension, tuberculosis, liver disorders, gas, colic, rheumatism, diabetes and even fever. In addition, according to a study by the Washington State University (USA) and published in the journal 'Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy', the diallyl sulphide, one of its compounds, is 100 times more effective than some popular antibiotics to fight against Campylobacter bacteria (one of the most common causes of intestinal infections).

It also has important benefits for microbiota and memory. Sure you know someone or have ever heard people comment that breakfast a couple of teeth. A group of scientists from the University of Louisville have focused their research on the ratio of these millions of beneficial microorganisms, a compound of garlic (allyl sulfide) and cognitive habilyties. And although it was found that in mice they improve in the short term, it does not prove that it happens in humans, but it does open the door to future research to fight against aging.