Your nails can be key to understanding why you always have a cold

There are some people who are always cold. It is enough that there is a small change of temperature so that they already begin to sneeze. However, climate is not the only culprit.

The Mayo Clinic explains that the common cold is a viral infection of the nose and throat and stresses that it is usually harmless. While symptoms may vary, they usually include bodily pain, accompanied by cnasal ongestion and sneezing, sore throat and cough.

As indicated, you can also experience mild fever. However, if the temperature is above 38.5 °, a doctor should be consulted. It should also be done if the fever lasts five days or more, or if you experience difficulty breathing, panting or severe pain in the throat, head or sinuses.

But what is causing these annoying colds? If you are always cold, your nails may have something to do with it.

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Biting your nails is a common habit and quitting could be compared to quitting smoking.

Although it does not seem like it, it has many consequences. In the first place, because it is a very unhygienic habit, it could cause infections in the fingers. But it could also be responsible for colds, because with this habit germs are transmitted from the hands to the mouth all the time.

When we bite our nails, we introduce our unwashed hands into our mouths, which increases the risk of contract a cold or some other illness due to the organisms that enter the body through the hands. This is what the Mayo Clinic warns.

The diseases caused by this habit do not come alone, if in addition to biting your nails you bite the skin of your fingers, something that happens frequently, you can increase the risk of paronychia, an infection that causes the lower part of the nail to swell. .

Also, eating your nails has negative effects on your teeth, the habit can displace the teeth of place and, in a more serious case, cause fractures or breaks in the teeth, by the habit of biting something as hard as a nail.

¿What to do?

When biting your nails, many people try to channel stress. Try to keep your mind busy or try relaxation techniques. If you think that's not enough, maybe you should check with an expert.

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