Your cervicals have not raised their heads since you returned to the office? We have the exercises to remedy it

From the creators of Back pain arrives, after a week working from home (or failing that, from the office chair in postures worthy of a contortionist) the neck pain. We have been talking all week about exercises to remedy the poor postural hygiene: from the ones you can do on the wall during breaks to a series of asterilla routines that will leave you feeling like new.

But if your problem is not so much the back, but the neck area -with all that that entails-, we have selected the most complete exercises so that the return to school of your cervicals does not end your good mood. Take note and above all, do it. If every day.


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Exercises for cervical pain

-Sitting in a chair in front of a full-length mirror, bring the arm on the side you want to stretch (that is, the one with the most discomfort) behind your back. Now, tilt your head to the opposite side and support it with your free arm. you will relax all the tension in your neck and upper back.

-Next, stand with your legs slightly open, stretch your arms forward, interlock your hands with your palms in front of you and stretch them until you feel relief in the scapulae.

-Place a folded towel at the base of the skull and take it by the ends by pulling it out. You should look up at the ceiling and move your head back. If it doesn't hurt, you can do the exercises without a towel.

-As a counterweight to the second exercise, open your legs, interlace your hands at the back and stretch them back, creating a movement opposite to the one you have previously done and stretching your chest well forward.

-To finish, cross your fingers behind your head, put your elbows in parallel and direct your chin towards your chest, you should feel how the back muscles of the neck are stretched.

Repeat these exercises as many times as necessary.

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