Young man created solar backpack so that children without access to electricity can study

A 26-year-old created a solar backpack so that low-income children in his country could study safely. Discover the story!

Last update: February 21, 2022

Many regions in the world lack electricity. Because of that, they find it difficult to do most actions when the day begins to darken.

In addition, this problem directly affects the study. Well, Apart from the fact that the use of key tools such as computers is impossible, it is not possible to see clearly to read and write.

Considering this, a young man created an invention to directly combat this problem. In this article we share all the details of this story.

The emergence of the idea

It is a reality that even today about 70% of the houses in Haiti do not have electricity. Because of that, students have to do homework while lit by a candle.

This is undoubtedly risky, because carelessness can cause a fire. This is what happened to the cousin of Mike Bellot, the creator of the solar backpack.

That fire unfortunately killed the man. Therefore, Mike Bellot, a 26-year-old, set out to create a project so that none of these cases would ever happen again.

This is how he began to think about the prototype of several solar backpacks. That way, Finally, he reached the result that he liked and felt that it could be more useful to people.

The creation of the solar backpack

The backpack created by Mike has two cells, a USB port, a GPS and an integrated battery. A) Yes, during the day it absorbs the energy of the sun and at night it can illuminate as if it were a good light bulb.

What’s more, With a single hour of sun exposure, the backpack can provide lighting for 6 hours at a time. In this way, it allows low-income students to carry out their homework without being exposed to any danger.

On the other hand, the solar backpack allows students to charge electronic devices. This is how the possibility of using technological tools that benefit learning is also opened.

Best of all, Mike has shared it with the most needy children in his country. That way, It has changed their lives for the better because they can study without problems.

Likewise, the solar backpack is made of durable materials. Therefore, kids don’t have to worry about drifting again at any time.

Solar energy has changed lives

In recent times, the energy of the sun has been transformed into a pleasant blessing for the population. This is because it has provided the possibility of providing drinking water and electricity in the most needy regions.

Most valuable of all, it does so without putting the planet at risk. Therefore, improves the quality of life of people and their environments.

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