Young indigenous fulfilled his dream and graduated as a pilot from the United States

This young Panamanian managed to fulfill the dream he had in mind since childhood. Discover his story!

Last update: 11 March, 2022

From the beginning of life, all people have that dream that they want to achieve. However, it is important to know that a lot of adversity can happen along the way.

Knowing how to overcome them is the key to reaching the success you want to achieve. This, because this is how the person maintains the motivation to the fullest and understands that there is no limit that can overcome it.

That way, at the end of the road you get the long-awaited reward. Well, not for a second does she stop focusing on the dream that she has had in mind all her life.

This was demonstrated by Luis Ángel Marcucci Bejarano, a young indigenous man who he never gave up the profession he wanted since childhood. In this article we share with you his beautiful story of perseverance.

The dream that a young indigenous man had in mind

Luis, a young indigenous man from Ngäbe Buglé (Panama), was visualized from his early years flying planes all over the world. Therefore, as she grew older, her passion grew stronger and stronger.

In this way, at the age of 21, he made the decision to start doing everything possible to move towards that dream. For this reason, he investigated in detail which was the best country to study the pilot career.

This is how he came to the conclusion that the most specialized country in this profession was the United States. Because of this, from his native Panama he began to study English and then travel.

When I had the basic notions of the language, had to say goodbye to his family and venture to start the road to success in United States. However, they supported him unconditionally from the first minute.

The moment in which the young man fulfilled the desire to be a pilot

Arriving in the United States, the young man managed to enter one of the best aviation schools in the country. However, the process was not easy, because although he had studied a little, he did not master English perfectly.

But day by day he became interested in learning new concepts until he was finally able to speak and write it fluently. In this way, he managed to successfully complete his pilot career and obtained the dream title that allowed him to fly commercial aircraft.

A) Yes, Luis became the first titled indigenous pilot from his native community. Since the achievement of the achievement, he stated that he had the intention of working with the Panamanian airline Copa Airlinesto continue contributing to the development of their country.

Besides, he acknowledged that he hopes that many more young people in his community can graduate as pilots. In view of this, he returned to Ngäbe Buglé to inspire the children and support them in whatever they need.

Added to this, all that man wants today is to continue to progress and make his region proud. For that reason, He is studying Mandarin to have many more opportunities at a professional level.

The dreamer Luis is called an example to follow within his native community. He did his best to fulfill the goal that he had in mind since he was an innocent child.

Brave people are the ones who make their dreams come true

All people want to achieve the life project that they have set so much from the beginning. However, To achieve this, it is vital to understand that the process can be long. And it requires a lot of positivism.

Well, that’s how they don’t fade after each setback, but interpret it as useful learning to continue growing. In addition, at no time do they stop visualizing themselves achieving success.

On the other hand, by acting bravely, people understand that the limits are only set by them. In this way, day by day they seek the will and perseverance necessary to reach the goal.

Finally, no matter how much time passes, they never stop developing a work plan that allows them to fulfill the dream what they have in mind. Well, they are clear that discipline and effort are the two fundamental items to achieve success.

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