Young girl created solar backpacks for children who do not have electricity

In the absence of opportunities for children in Kenya, this girl provided solar backpacks for children and it changed their lives.

Last update: December 01, 2021

There are details that make a difference in the lives of many people. That was the case with a young girl who created solar backpacks for children who do not have electricity in her community. Without a doubt, this was more than a small detail, because what he did was incomparable.

It is a backpack that is integrated with a solar panel. This, in turn, charges an LED lamp that is very useful and necessary for the little ones when moving on the road that connects their houses with the school.

We invite you to know how this incredible proposal was carried out and the benefit that solar backpacks represent for many local children.

Solar backpacks for children: a positive change

A lamp with LED lights is the factor of change that guarantees that the little ones can continue their studies. Otherwise, many would be forced to abandon their school training.

For this reason, a girl named Salima Visram created the “Soular BackPack”. Their goal was clear and concise: to provide the support that Kenyan children in Africa needed to continue attending school.

The “Soular BackPack” is capable of charging while they walk long distances., from the house to the campus. In this way, the battery would then serve to provide them with electrical power for approximately five hours. Thus, this complement allows them to continue studying when they get home.

These backpacks are made up of a small panel, an energy-saving LED lamp and, of course, a place to store school supplies.

Initially, this innovative tool was delivered to the people of Kikambala. An area that Salima knew closely, which stands out for being one of the most marginalized. In this first test, good results were observed, since with exposure to the sun for 4 hours, it provided up to 8 hours of illumination.

Visram, with vision to help

The young woman who created solar backpacks for Kenyan children, found in this project a way to change the life of the entire community. AND is that he observed that families were strictly dependent on fuel and other flammable substances to be able to count on a little light.

This, in addition to being a great danger for everyone due to the risk of suffering a fire, also implies a significant expense to be able to acquire it. Considering that many people live on less than a dollar a day, Visram found this idea to be a magnificent creation. Solar backpacks represent an unbeatable opportunity in the midst of a complex situation for all.

“If young people don’t have electricity, how are they supposed to do their homework? How will they advance to other school grades and get out of the need in which they live? “
-Salima Visram-.

Changing someone’s life can be easy

In the case of Salima Visram, she is a girl from an upper-class family, with possibilities to live well. Nevertheless, she could see the shortcomings that other people lived with and did not sit idly by. Kenyan children’s solar backpacks changed their lives and ensured a better future.

Sometimes it is not necessary to have wealth or great possessions to support others. The important thing is to be supportive and help people find long-term solutions that have a positive impact.

Still don’t know how to help someone who is suffering? At other times, when we don’t have too many resources to support, even one conversation may be enough to generate a change in the other.

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