"You will have new shoes", a phrase that made a penniless grandfather happy

Helping others is a gesture that fills people with happiness. Meet the act of kindness that Michelle Hada had!

Last update: September 01, 2021

In society there are still many people who lack economic resources and require the help of others. Nevertheless, there are citizens who are always ready to offer sincere help to those most in need.

This time, It was a Mexican grandfather who had the fortune to meet a person with a great heart. In this way, he managed to cover one of the most urgent needs he had at that time.

The events were presented in a shoe store in Oaxaca. There, the elderly man approached to ask if they could give him some used shoes that had.

This, because the only pair of tennis shoes he had was already quite worn and did not protect him from the elements such as rain. Nevertheless, the first salespeople he approached paid him little attention and refused to help him.

Due to this, the grandfather was willing to leave the store and continue looking for a place that could help him solve his problem. Nevertheless, just at that moment a woman appeared who was committed to making his day.

The gesture of kindness with the grandfather

Michelle Hada, one of the workers of that shoe company, was the one who was interested in solving the situation. The woman was struck by the face of the grandfather as he left the place and decided to approach him to find out what was happening.

Photo taken from the Chiapas Facebook uncensored.

Thus, the man told her about his need and she did not hesitate to affirm that she could help him. In that way, he started looking for one of the shoes that were displayed in the store and agreed to buy them as a gift.

After that, when the product was paid, He approached the man to give him his long-awaited box and said a few words that finished moving him.

"You will have new shoes," Michelle told the grandfather. Because of this, at that moment the grandfather felt the satisfaction of being able to once again have tennis shoes that would protect his feet.

Photo taken from the Facebook page of "Chiapas sin Censura"

Michelle's noble act went viral because the clients who were in the place recorded the event and shared it on social networks. In addition, toSome of them raised money to pay back to the woman a part of the expense she had made.

This story is a great sample that en society there are people willing to promote values ​​and promote collective well-being.

The act of helping others

Helping others is one of the fundamental acts to improve mental health and evolve as a society. This, since one of its great benefits is that it improves the self-esteem of both people because the one who helps feels useful and the one helped feels supported.

In addition, this action allows you to socialize with more people, learn about new realities and become more empathetic. In the same way, Values ​​such as gratitude, humility, solidarity and love are strengthened.

Finally, when helping someone people evade negative emotions such as stress or anguish.