You want to start exercising and you can’t decide: bike or walk?

Physical activity has countless benefits and is also often the best way to have a healthy brain. And you can get in shape without going to the gym. Your legs are enough for walking or cycling. Because aerobic exercise is essential to keep your body at full capacity. Whatever you choose, you won’t go wrong.

Cycling and walking are great ways to exercise. Both of them burn calories And they are good alternative ways to activate if you have a medical problem or injury. And go ahead: cycling can benefit you if you have less time to exercise and want to optimize calorie burn or increase your strength, while walking may be better to eliminate fat.

What burns the most calories?

The number of calories you burn from cycling and walking depends on the intensity of your training. With moderate intensity, a cyclist weighing around 70 kg could burn up to 280 calories in 30 minutes, while walking those calories would reduce to 180. Therefore, cycling tends to burn more calories for the same intensity category during the same period of time.

Which one works the muscles better and burns more fat?

Cycling and walking involve using many of the same muscles to produce force to move: the glutes of the hips and the hamstrings. Both physical practices use many of the same muscles to produce strength and movement, although cycling tends to work harder on the muscles.

When comparing the effects of cycling and walking on fat metabolism, one study found that walking increases fat metabolism more than cycling. Participants performed both forms of exercise with the same intensity or rate of perceived exertion.

Another study found that weight-bearing exercises, such as walking and running, are associated with lower levels of a type of fat that accumulates in the bone marrow compared to cycling. Indeed, walking burns more fat than riding a bike. Surely, because it is a weight-bearing activity.

Which is better for losing weight?

Weight loss involves increasing the number of calories you burn compared to the amount you consume per day. One main way to do this is to increase your activity levels while significantly limiting the amount of calories you eat. Studies show that cycling may be better for weight loss if you have a limited amount of time to exercise. However, both types of exercise can help with weight loss as long as you control your diet.

The conclusion

Cycling tends to benefit people who have less time to exercise and enjoy a faster pace. Cycling at a moderate pace tends to burn more calories than walking at a moderate pace. What’s more, cycling offers you the opportunity to increase strength of the lower body. But it is also true that it can be uncomfortable if you suffer from low back pain or cannot bear to sit for a long time.

On the other hand, walking can be more beneficial if you have bone problems or back pain and if you want to lose fat more quickly. In addition, it is usually easier to find someone to walk with you, something that provides greater pleasure and makes repetition easier.

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