You only need five minutes of meditation a day to reduce stress and feel happier

It is not the first time we have told you: the meditation It helps you reduce the stress level of your day to day so that you can face your daily routine with peace of mind and a smile. But of course, we imagine ourselves meditating and it turns out between difficult and … comicalWhy are we going to fool ourselves? Sit with your legs crossed, your back straight, your hands on your knees, putting your thumb and middle fingers together and uttering a deep OM that reverberates in your ears … no, meditation is not for you. But this is just the image that we all have and, although you can do it, it is not the basis of meditation or the most important thing. If you want to know all the benefits it can have 5 minutes of meditation about your body and mind, keep reading.

“We live in a society that is always in a hurry, with demands and without time,” he assures us Begoña Escobar Santigosa, Yoga teacher with more than ten years of experience and creator and director of La Morada, Feminist Yoga Center. «Sitting for a while each day in silence and stillness invites us to stop, to lower our body, to slow down. Makes us aware of how we feel, from fluctuations of the mind, from noise and haste, from stress. ‘ Hasn’t it ever happened to you that when you turn off the light when you get into bed, your mind can’t stop? If you had not realized until that moment, it is that you are not used to stopping and listening to yourself, you move by inertia in a wheel of obligations and activities that it goes faster and faster.

But not only that, according to several studies, practicing meditation can help you reduce stress day-to-day and provides relief from some of the symptoms of anxiety and depression. We tend to live in the past or even try to anticipate the future and since we cannot, stress appears in our life. Meditation seeks precisely the opposite, be in the here and now and this helps us to enjoy what happens in the moment. But meditation is not magic, it is necessary to create a habit to achieve long-term changes.

How can we practice it at home?

Begoña Escobar Santigosa, who is also specialized in Pregnancy and Therapeutic Yoga, encourages us to leave prejudices behind: «I recommend put aside the idea of ​​a blank mind and any previously created expectations, ”he says. «Sit and observe, as if it were a window to which you look out, with curiosity and without judgment. Observe your thoughts and let them go one by one. Some will drag you down and that’s okay, when you find out, say goodbye to them and keep watching. Be kindYou are practicing, you are learning and the process is slow and also beautiful and revealing if you listen carefully.

You don’t need great things to start practicing meditation at home. “All you have to do is give yourself the time”Begoña tells us. « Start with about five minutes and as you feel comfortable, increase if it is your desire, gradually and without demands. Find a quiet place, a cushion that raises your hips and if you are not comfortable sitting on the floor on the cushion, take a chair but above all make sure that your back is straight».

But as with everything, if there is a time when you get stuck or need a professional to guide you, you can always go to a specialized center, like the one directed by Begoña Escobar: «Another option to practice meditation is to go to a Yoga school where you can find it as part of the class. At Centro de Yoga La Morada we do it at the end of the physical part and it gives more meaning to our practice because we like to keep in mind that the beginning of the practice of Yoga was to prepare the body to meditate ».

You see that introducing meditation into your day to day has multiple benefits And you don’t have to spend as much time on it as you might think at first. Just take that time for yourself enjoy the silence and the feelings that listening to you causes you and be kind to yourself and your own thoughts. You will see how when you turn it into a habit, those five minutes are short and you want more.

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