You only need a wall to do these back stretches and say goodbye to contractures (and pain)

A good one postural hygiene it is essential during working hours. Speaking in silver (and among ourselves), the least thing you need right now is excruciating back pain every time you look up from your computer at six in the afternoon. If, like me, you are one of those who prefer style to comfort – obviously also in furniture – you will have discovered that your desk chair, especially if you continue working from home, is not the most comfortable thing in the world (Chinese torture is what is heard in the background). And your back is the one that is suffering the consequences of your deco decisions. Poor work hygiene, raised legs, hunched back … this Holy Trinity is the daily bread since your living room turned into a makeshift office. And although yesterday we gave you the best exercises to stretch your back with a mat and you took the time to eat with care to carry them out, it may not be enough.


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For this reason, in an attempt to make going back to school more bearable (and less painful) we have found the exercises that you can carry out during coffee breaks to relax the back and avoid the annoying jerks and "pinches" consequence of long hours of bad posture. You will only need a wall to carry them out (easy, right?) And some enthusiasm. You won't even have to dust the closet mat to be happy again.

What exercises do you have to do?

-To begin, face the wall and take a step away from it. Next, bend one leg forward and keep the other straight. Rest your forearms on the wall trying to keep your head, neck, spine, pelvis, legs, and ankles aligned. Once the body is positioned, breathe with the chest towards the wall. Be very careful, the heel of the straight leg should be on the ground. Do several repetitions on each side of for 30 seconds.

-At the end of the first exercise, maintain the posture and raise your arms up, sticking your hands to the wall. These should be semi-flexed overhead. With your legs semi-bent and your feet parallel, you should lower your chest and push your cadra toward the ceiling without lifting your heels off the ground. Hold the pose for at least a minute and do several reps with rest.

-When finished, undo the posture and face the wall again with your feet parallel to it. Stretch your arms above your head and lean your torso forward, keeping your hands against the wall. Next, use your arms and arch your back for ten seconds. Then straighten your torso again and breathe. Repeat the exercise several times.

If you carry out these stretches at least twice a day you will relieve the muscles of the back of the accumulated tension. Although yes, they are not magical exercises, you should combine them with good posture during the workday. Somewhat difficult, but not impossible to achieve. Your back will thank you (and your fledgling chepita too).

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