You need two hours of nature a week to be healthy!

Do you spend more than 120 minutes a week in parks, forests, the mountains, the countryside or the beach? Well you do phenomenal, because the people who do it have many more likely to be healthy, both physically and mentally, than those that never go out into nature environments.

It has been verified by a study of the University of Exeter with some 20,000 people funded by the Health System of the United Kingdom (NIHR), just published in Scientific Reports. The subject has aroused so much interest, that I have seen it commented on in all the major international media, both in the press, as well as on radio, television or the Internet.

I know it's not new news. If you follow this blog, you will have seen how much I mention the benefits of outdoor life, among other things to reduce the risk of depression and excess weight, not to mention the health of the arteries or the lower exposure to air pollution.

The innovator of British study? What is the first time that science sets a "minimum hours of nature" a week. Also, you do not have to travel to the coast, the countryside or the mountain to complete those 120 minutes, because that time of nature also applies to the one you spend in parks and other green urban spaces.

"You can complete those two hours at a stretch or by adding daily minutes of life in nature spaces, the important thing is the total"Adds Dr. Mat White, director of the work, which explains that they took their data from the British survey Commitment to the Natural Environment, the largest ever conducted in the world about people's contact with nature.

"There are lots of studies that explain why spending time in the natural environment is good for health and well-being ", insists Professor Terry Hartig, of the University of Uppsala (Sweden) and co-author of the work. "I would like to add that to make more life in nature environments improves the perspective on one's life, reduces stress and allows you to enjoy quality time, both alone and with friends and family … The value of this new study is that it offers concrete recommendations about nature time that we need. We believe it can help people to take it more into account. "

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