You need glasses? All you need to know

In class. Move the head instead of the eyes when reading, turn the book or the body, squint to see the board, not being able to read silently or follow the phrases with your finger, can be behaviors that hide a visual problem. Likewise, if the lines are twisted excessively, it is worth doing a revision.

When doing sports. If the child has trouble coordinating, is afraid to go on swings or is not able to pick up and return a ball thrown into the air, it may be that the coordination Between both eyes is failing.

At home. Zoom in to watch TV, complaining one day a week of a headache or having irritated eyes after reading and rubbing them are symptom to go to ophthalmologist.

Check Time

Only 30% of children have ever made a complete ophthalmic review, as they warn from the organization Vision and Life. If your child is in Primary and shows any of the symptoms described above, you can do some visual screening tests thanks to the See to learn campaign: