You have done the most difficult thing, lose weight, now you need these 4 tricks to say goodbye to the lost kilos forever and avoid the rebound effect

If you have done things well when you considered going down in size, at this point, you will have already internalized, thanks to your dietician-nutritionist, healthy lifestyle habits and diet that will allow you to maintain the good results. But if you belong to that 19% of Spanish women who have been on a regime this year on their own, we have bad news: perhaps the lost kilos will come back to you due to the rebound, with interest and in less than a year if you do not put measures. from today. So that both can take advantage of all those reduced-size clothes that have been bought, the US National Weight Management Registry (NWCR is its acronym in English) has recapitulated all the guidelines followed by people who manage to avoid the rebound effect after dieting. Take note of these tricks and you too will escape the dreaded yo-yo effect.

Trick 1 to avoid the rebound effect of diet: activate your life

Maybe you've killed yourself squatting while on a diet and now that you've lost weight you think you can stop. Error. According to NWCR data, 94% of people who maintain the same height one year after losing weight they have something in common: they exercise one hour a day. The good news is that that hour of exercise does not have to be doing Crossfit, most of those surveyed by this body stated that their only exercise was walking.

Trick 2 to avoid the rebound effect of diet: keep fat under control

Those who manage to stay slim do not abandon their good habits after finishing the diet: a year later they continue eating a diet in which healthy fats (such as virgin olive oil) represent only a quarter of the daily calories ingested. Or what is the same: even if you are no longer on a diet, fried, battered and ultra-processed foods made with low-quality fats should be the exception on your plate.


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Tip 3 to avoid the rebound effect: say goodbye to "a day is a day"

The first wedding, the birthday of your partner … are special occasions. But not every weekend and every meeting with friends is not either. You don't have to become obsessed with food in such a way that you don't enjoy social gatherings, but don't use them as an excuse to gorge yourself either. Make sure that the exception to healthy eating is that, an exception, not a constant that is repeated every weekend … or you will gain weight again no matter how much you control your diet from Monday to Friday.

Trick 4 to avoid the rebound effect: don't forget the scale

Maintaining the results requires a glance at the scale from time to time, or you won't realize something is wrong until the waistband of your pants tightens again. In order to tackle these situations before they occur, experts recommend weigh yourself periodically after you've finished the diet and they are right. According to NWCR data, the majority of people who maintain their weight loss a year later (three-quarters) weighed themselves once a week.

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