You can't imagine how much sugar skim products have

If you have been thinking all your life that '0% fat' means zero sugar, you are wrong (us too). Yogurts, ice cream, cheeses … it seems that the words 'no added sugars' or 'low fat' exempted these products from containing sugar.

However, we have lived in a lie. A lie perpetuated by our inability to read food ingredients in supermarket aisles. Yes, for lazy people (although it sounds bad – and hard – it's the truth) we have been taking large amounts of sugar Without us realizing. And the most 'dangerous' products are the skimmed or 0%. It's over to live in ignorance: the time has come to know exactly what we eat.


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Under this premise, the Instagram account @ It has been proposed to graphically show how much sugar is exactly in some of the products that sneak into the super cart. How? Putting aside and in vases, the amount of sugar to which the products are equivalent, for example, a bottled orange juice.

But the most surprising information comes when it shows how much sugar the 'skimmed' or 'low fat' foods have that are also intended for slim down.

The first rule in any weight loss diet is to eliminate sugars and reduce fat intake in order to lose weight. Well … Surprise! Many of the foods that you have always consumed thinking that you were not fattening carry sugar, and in quite a lot, as the Instagram account collection shows.

For example, a skimmed yogurt with strawberries would be equivalent to four lumps of sugar, while a protein shake replacing a meal or "fat burning" cookies would be equivalent to seven lumps, in the case of the first and five, in the case of the second. An amount of sugar that you would never imagine being consuming.

Moral? We must read product labels. For our figure, but above all for our health.

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