You can improve the health of your heart by making a single small change in your diet, do you know what it is?

They have published it this month in the British Medical Journal after analyzing the data from more than 40,000 people over 30 years: your heart needs you to eat legumes. These high-quality protein sources combined with fiber and carbohydrates can be the booster that your cardiovascular health needs to stay in perfect condition for longer. But do you know where the trick is? In eating them in using them to replace another food that harms heart health: red meat.

How many legumes do you have to eat to be heart healthy?

Eating legumes, by themselves, is not the key to this research. What they have discovered in the volunteers in this research is that the people who chose eat beans, soybeans, and nuts To the detriment of red and processed meats, they lowered their cardiovascular risk by 14%.

On the contrary, people who consumed a serving a day of red meat increased that 11% risk if it was raw meat (the steak of a lifetime) and a 15 if it was processed red meat (bacon, sausages, minced meat, sausages …).


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Based on data like this, it makes sense to recommend not only giving up a daily intake of red meat but also considering, directly, that there be days off a week from its presence, or have you not heard of Monday without meat? By reducing the consumption of red meat not only benefits the heart but also Previous research already spoke of reducing the risk of cancer. If we replace that meat with legumes, we also provide the body with healthy fats and a good amount of fiber and antioxidants that have various cardioprotective effects, such as increasing "good" cholesterol, reducing "bad" cholesterol or improve the functionality of blood vessels.

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