Yoga for radiant skin: this can help you reduce acne

We know that yoga is a practice that improves flexibility, endurance, tone, liberates the mind and … that helps reduce acne? Well, apparently. For some reason the search for "yoga for radiant skin" is one of the most popular on the Internet. And it is proven that yoga helps reduce our stress level, one of the main factors that cause premature skin aging and imperfections such as pimples, pimples or redness. In addition, there are also postures that help to oxygenate our body and eliminate toxins.

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The key? Experts agree that inverted asanas may be the ones that contribute the most in this case, since they not only relieve tension, they also make the blood flow go to the face, so it can improve your circulation, and therefore, the appearance of the facial skin.

Yoga posture for radiant skin

As we have said, inverted asanas and torsions – the latter also help improve digestion – can be your allies. Some simple ones that you can try to do are:

1. Adho Mukha Shvanasana or upside down dog pose

Quadruped on the mat, with your hands resting on the floor and your fingers open. The feet should be separated at the height of the hips. Push the pelvis up, stretching arms and legs, climbing hamstrings and with a straight back. To be more comfortable, put your chin toward your chest.

Sarvangasana or candle posture

Lying on your back, put your palms on your lower waist. Take momentum and raise your legs up, keeping your back straight and holding the body weight on your elbows, never on your neck. You can help yourself by leaning on the wall to make it easier for you.

Uttanasana or clamp posture

As simple as keeping your legs stretched while lowering slowly until you hug the heels of your feet. The head hangs upside down, with the chin facing the chest to relax the neck. The feet must remain together, and we must never force if we do not have flexibility, we will simply go down to where we can try to stretch the back.

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