Yoga exercises at home: activate your magnetic field and immune system

One of the advantages of doing yoga exercises at home is that you can vary your exercises and choose different spaces that help you see the external diversity and the internal permanence of your form and pure consciousness.

Do yoga exercises at home It is a pillar to promote a sacred practice that will go hand in hand and day by day with the routines that you panther from within the home. Besides that you will generate a constructive activity within your home because it is the space in which you develop.

Doing these yoga exercises at home allows you to make the changes within the home that you need to generate greater well-being for you and your loved ones who surround you. Next we will give you some tips to do yoga exercises at home.

Tips to start doing yoga exercises at home

The first thing is to order your house as clean and comfortable as possible. Disorder alters the nervous system and influences our electromagnetic charges, affecting our emotions.

Once you have your place with the pleasure and acceptance you deserve, I recommend you choose a yoga blanket, towel and thick blanket for your yoga sessions at home. You can have a cell phone or music player for your special meditations near you.

You can place aromatic flowers, incense and decorate your space with plants to create a natural environment. Also, if you have a balcony or patio, you can vary your classes inside and outside according to your taste and seasons. Now let's start with the most comfortable home yoga exercises for you.

Yoga exercises at home with a chair

One of the peculiarities of doing yoga exercises at home is that you can perform and vary your routines so that this will bring you a lot of contentment and joy because you will generate diversity in your practices.

Variations of practice are very important in creating versatility and movement. This does not happen when you work according to a specific goal with some posture that you are focused on performing or kriyas that you perform with the intensity of 21 to 40 days in a row so that they are registered in your cellular memory and also be able to guide others in said practices.

Also having and adopting equipment such as video protectors will allow you to learn from masters and practice live with people, guides or followers who are also online from the comfort of their homes.

These are the advantages of the new technologies that well managed will make a more equitable world.

Let's start with a fun practice by placing a chair in the sacred space you have chosen in your home.

  • Begin by sitting in a chair with comfortable clothing to perform the spinal push-up exercise.
  • Initially you will send air to the lungs and diaphragm slowly and gently through inhalation through the nostrils.
  • If your nasal system is blocked, you can help yourself with your mouth. I'm sure it will pop right out.
  • The inhalation will be done by opening the chest as it appears in the image.
  • After completing the deep inhalation you will exhale bringing the navel inwards and emptying the diaphragm and lungs.
  • The chest movement will tilt the spine forward, closing the chest and compressing the shoulders.

You will do this exercise repeatedly for 2 or 3 minutes.

You can also do a mental count of 108 times for each breath that will be the exact time of the 3 min.

The spine is the area of ​​the body that allows the natural mobility of our limbs and in turn allows the stability and firmness of our body.

Formerly, the age of a person was not calculated by the years that they had completed. But because of the flexibility that his spine showed.

This home yoga exercise allows you to do spinal push-ups and deliver oxygen to the membranes of your spine. Favoring the lower back, shoulder blades and bones.

You will see that after resting and repeating the exercise, you will be more flexible in the second opportunity to practice. Which shows us the instant benefit of doing this exercise.

Once you have rested for about 30 seconds from the first exercise, I invite you to raise your arms in a deep inhalation and perform a twist to your right side.

  • Help yourself by taking the shoulder of the chair and bringing your left hand to your right knee.
  • Seek to bring your gaze to your right shoulder with a deeper twist.
  • Remember to exercise slow, natural and deep breathing during exercise.
  • Stay 1 minute breathing and then slowly turn to the center.
  • While in the center, take 15 seconds of deep breathing and proceed to the left side (opposite side) with the same twist.
  • Repeat the exercise in the same way and deepen your breathing.
  • Finish by returning to the center and take 15 seconds of deep breathing.

Deep breathing is a breath that is described as a thread of light or prana (vital air) that penetrates our nostrils and is directed through our farinjal duct passing through our chest, filling our diaphragm like a pump and filling our lungs without forcing . That thread is done in 2-3 second intervals.

Likewise, we exert exhalation, emptying our organism of vital air and eliminating toxins, producing carbon dioxide.

This breathing leads us to feel the beating of our heart and our blood system. Activating our vision and extra sensory sense.

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  • Raise your arms in a powerful inhale
  • Remain seated.
  • Once you raise your arms on a powerful inhale, exhale and bring your hands to the ground with your legs half open. Be guided by the image.
  • Exercise the rest of your lumbar and dorsal area.
  • Relax your arms, shoulder blades, and trapezius.
  • Drop the weight off your head by relaxing your neck.
  • Breathe fully and deeply for 1 to 2 minutes.

By performing these exercises you will be activating your magnetic field and your immune system. Tranquility in motion is the activation of our light and extrasensory field. Which allows us to protect ourselves through the force of light like a mirror that repels the negative force.

Come back to the center and stand up

Bring your right leg over the chair.

Inhale and raise your arms.

Exhale empty yourself bringing your arms and hands to the ground.

Help yourself by leaning on the chair if necessary.

Hold the pose for 1 minute.

Come back to your feet in a deep breath.

Perform the exercise with the opposite leg in the same way.

Standing in front of the center of your chair

Stand in front of the center of your chair.

Receive the prana by inhaling and raise your arms in a v or victory shape.

Blow the air through your nose, lowering your torso and hands toward the bench. Rest your hands on the seat and drop the weight off your head.

Bend your elbows and support the front of your linked arms to rest your entire trunk and back. Stay 1 or 2 min in this position.

This posture is very special for those who suffer from pain in the cervical and mid-back area.

Bring your legs to the seat of your chair by straightening your knee.

Lower your trunk bringing your forehead to your knee. Go as far as you can.

Do this pose on the opposite side with the other leg.

Sit in easy Indian pose.

Bring your hands to the plexus feeling your breath.

Relax jaw and facial muscles.

Focus on a straight posture supporting your base from the left of your legs.

Breathe for 3 minutes.

Come back with a more powerful breath to come out of the pose and wake up

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Once you are back, take your legs on the seat and lean your back on the matted floor.

Bring your arms to the sides of your body with your palms facing the sky.

Relax in this variation of the savasana pose or corpse pose.

Let go of all tension and weight.

During this session try to dedicate yourself and review your blocks in each exercise so that you are always able to flow better within your Yoga practices and exercises at home.

Always trust yourself in the divinity that is your pure soul, that power of God that guides you to advance in everything that you propose.

Your magnetic field will be strengthened and you will attract forces that will allow you to complement yourself and be in harmony with the whole.

Your cellular memory will be in constant motion and you will reinforce the positive elements of your memories and you will eliminate blocks and structures that are preventing you from advancing in other stages of your life.

All this can be done through this type of practice that includes conscious breathing and movement while respecting your personal field.

Appreciate your science and your line of consciousness to fulfill your life purpose in full fulfillment.