Wrinkles, acne, dehydrated skin … Discover the 5 foods that age your skin prematurely

Maintaining perfect, healthy, radiant and wrinkle-free skin is the golden dream of all people who spend a million on cosmetics. But in the damage that our skin receives, as in many other things that have to do with our health, prevention is better than cure. And can wrinkles be prevented? Obviously not entirely, but If we use sunscreen in the proper way and monitor our diet, we can considerably reduce the risk that wrinkles, acne or redness appear in our dermis. To achieve this goal, we have compiled a list of foods that most harm skin health and accelerate aging. Some of them, like sugar (the bad boy of glycation and collagen destruction), you may have already heard of; but others will surely surprise you.

1. French fries (and more if they are bagged)

Industrial fries are not good for almost anything if we are talking about health, and our skin is no exception. This type of food cooked in oils of dubious quality and nutritional value and at high temperatures are capable of releasing free radicals that can cause cellular damage to the skin. In addition, commercial potato chip preparations often contain an exaggerated amount of salt, which favors skin dehydration, the skin loses elasticity and is more prone to wrinkles.

2. Refined cereals (the white bread of all life and refined pasta)

To preserve its firm and smooth appearance to the skin comes a series of nutrients and very bad. In the list of the worst are those foods that have a high glycemic index, which is what happens with foods such as bread or pasta when they are not integral.. These types of hydrates have been shown to elicit an inflammatory response that can harm skin health. Given the choice, choose better the integral versions before the refined ones.

What you put on your plate and how you sunbathe are the two main risk factors for premature skin aging.

3. The margarine

They sold it to us as the healthy way to eat butter, but it really isn't. The culprit that margarine is not the most suitable for spreading on our morning toasts is in the type of fat it has. In various studies margarine has been shown to be worse than butter itself because its fat is worse than saturated fat: its fatty acids that make the skin more vulnerable to ultraviolet radiation, the same that damages collagen, destroying skin elasticity.

4. Dairy (for susceptible people)

You may not be lactose intolerant or allergic to milk, but dairy is not your thing. Maybe you should listen to your instincts. While science disputes whether taking dairy is good, bad, or fair for the skin, some studies seem to point out that low-dairy diets help skin better protect itself from the harmful effects of the sun.


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5. Caffeine from soft drinks and coffee

Soft drinks with caffeine do not contribute anything good for your health, neither of the skin nor of any other organ. As for coffee, you have to know when to stop. The problem in this case is not that coffee itself is a harmful food for the health of our skin (in fact, it is full of antioxidants), but that its caffeine content can cause you not to rest when your body needs it. And not being able to sleep well or reducing our hours of sleep is a factor of premature aging of the skin. So do not buy soda, and never drink coffee beyond six in the afternoon.

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