Worrying Messi's injury: this indicates the medical part

The Argentine suffers from a bone contusion in his left knee and his absence has already been confirmed in the next PSG match. What is the gravity and how many matches will it be out?

Last update: September 22, 2021

The start of Lionel Messi with the Paris Saint-Germain shirt was not the most anticipated. After only 3 encounters, of which he completed 1, retired from the field during the second half of the match against Lyon. After a few days of speculation, the Parisian club's medical report confirmed Messi's injury to his left knee.

The statement describes a bone contusion, revealed on an MRI scan. However, it is a diagnosis pending evolution, since the true severity will be known within a few days. The Argentine athlete will have to carry out new studies. Meanwhile, his absence is confirmed in the next engagement of the League 1, opposite Metz.

The controversial replacement in Paris

The Argentine footballer was on the portal of all sports media in recent days. This is because, on his debut at the Parc des Princes, he was replaced by defender Achraf Hakimi, 76 minutes into a match that was evenly matched.

This is not something common. Since 2010, Messi was replaced in just 17 of 370 games starting as a starter. For this reason, PSG coach Mauricio Pochettino received a barrage of criticism. However, the medical report revealed that he has been dragging a blow to his left knee, something that the technical director observed in certain gestures of the footballer.

What is Messi's injury about?

A bone contusion is a direct blow to the bone that produces an inflammatory reaction. As it is a closed injury, that is, it does not affect the epidermis like a cutting wound, it is possible that it generates an internal hematoma. This bleeding may be visible a few days after impact.

It is a common problem in contact athletes, since it can derive from causes such as shocks, strong blows or sudden changes in gait. In the case of Messi's injury, it may have been caused by impacts received in the last match. In addition, it is speculated that he dragged it from the kick he received from the Venezuelan player Luis Adrián Martínez.

The event occurred during the match played by the Argentine National Team with its Venezuelan counterpart on September 3. Although after a few minutes of medical attention he was able to continue on the field. The PSG coach revealed that Messi had been in pain after the match against Lyon and that he could not train alongside his teammates.

A bruise on the knee can store a bruise on the inside that becomes visible in the future.

Possible treatment

As reported by the Paris club, the forecast of the Argentine star is reserved. Another MRI should be done to establish the severity of the contusion. Poor treatment of it can lead to a more serious situation, such as bone edema.

Although most of these cases resolve without problems, the patient must undergo a recovery period adjusted to the severity. Bone contusion can be the prelude to other types of injuries and even fractures that are detected by MRI.

For this reason, diagnosis and treatment must be concise. The Argentine has to use devices that protect the area and limit their movement, however, total rest is not recommended.

Experts recommend the following activities:

  • Bicycle or swimming exercises.
  • Analgesics, in cases of a lot of pain and swelling.
  • Protect the affected bone or joint.
  • Apply ice several times a day.

How long will he be off the field?

Depending on the severity of the contusion, the Argentine may be out of his team for a few weeks. If it is a blow that did not generate more severe bruises or fractures, it is possible that in about 10 days it could be back. However, if another situation is revealed, Messi's injury can leave him out for up to months.

In any case, the specialists are going to preserve the best recovery for the attacker, especially considering his tight schedule. While he is already ruled out for the match against Lyon, confirmation of his presence is expected on Saturday 25 September, when PSG host Montpellier. However, it is very difficult for it to arrive.

Only 3 days later, his team plays the second game of the Champions League against Manchester City, an important match in which he is also unlikely to participate. From the beginning of October, the Argentine has a triple commitment to his national team. In the next few days there will be confirmation on your call.

A career with little interruption

In his extensive career, with more than 15 years as a professional, Lionel Messi did not suffer major interruptions due to injuries. Although he did suffer some with different severity. For example, the fracture of the fifth metatarsal in the left foot that left him standing for three months in the 2006/07 season.

Secondly, had some issues with his left hamstring; first in 2008 and then during the 2013/14 season. In addition, he suffered a radius fracture that kept him off the grass for 1 month. Finally, for some years it has been related to pubalgia problems, a very common pathology in athletes.

The pubalgia has been Messi's most repetitive injury in recent years, but it did not mean many games away.

Worry in Paris

To this injury to Messi, with few games played, is added the state of health of Sergio Ramos, the other new addition to PSG. The Spanish defender still could not debut with his new jersey because he continues in recovery since his arrival. Anyway, the start of the team in the League 1 he is with an ideal score in the matches he has played.