World Water Day: # Water2me

World Water Day it is a moment to remember that this resource is indispensable for humans and for most of the living beings that inhabit the planet.

Not only that, but it is good to reflect on what we are doing, we should do or even stop doing to preserve it. Although there is apparently an abundance of the vital liquid, the water suitable for consumption is less than it is thought.

On the other hand, water sources are threatened, due to factors linked to the way of life of man: the increase in population, intensive agriculture, industrialization and climate change generated by the same activity.

Importance of water for people

Water is of great importance to human beings, both in its physiological functioning and from the point of view of the economy and society. Let's see.

Water and the human body

Water is the component of most fluids and tissues. It is present in the blood, muscles and vital organs, from the brain to the heart, through the liver and lungs.

In addition, water is involved in various physiological and metabolic processes, including digestion and absorption of nutrients, as well as the elimination of waste and toxins through feces, urine and sweat.

Blood plasma is more than 90% water. Likewise, helps regulate body temperature. When it rises, for example during exercise, water is released in the form of perspiration and steam through the skin. Thanks to the water in the synovial fluid, the joints stay lubricated. For all this, it is so important for us to consume water.

Water and human activity

Water has an infinite number of uses and applications in various human activities. It is vital in the economy of a nation. Among these uses we have the irrigation of crops, the feeding of livestock, the construction industry (mixed cements), the processing of fuels, the generation of electricity (hydroelectric) and the transmission of heat or cooling.

Just as it is for the body, water is vital for the economy of a country. Lacking the precious liquid carries a great disadvantage in the development of a society. For this reason, studies are carried out on the efficient use of water in industry.

Water also has a recreational use that is not negligible.

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Celebration of World Water Day

World Water Day was born from a conference of the United Nations Organization on environment and development, also known as Summit for the Earth, which took place in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.

At this meeting the idea of ​​celebrating a World Water Day was conceived, establishing the date on March 22 of each year. For this 2021 the focus is on the value of water, that is, what it means for people.

To this end, the United Nations Organization launched an interactive campaign on social networks with the hashtag # Water2me. With the results of the digital campaign, that is, With the contributions of the people who wish to participate, the celebration will be defined World Water Day in 2021 through an online event.

What are the objectives of World Water Day?

Celebrating a World Water Day was proposed in order to raise awareness and sensitize the population on various issues around water, such as the following:

  • Shortage of the vital liquid.
  • Source contamination.
  • Quality of water for consumption.
  • Universal and equal access to drinking water.
  • Treatment of waste water.
  • Waterborne diseases.

Above all, with World Water Day too you want to create awareness about the needs of people who do not have access to the drinkable version. Currently, it is estimated that they are more than 2.2 billion.

Activities and initiatives related to World Water Day 2021

In particular, for World Water Day 2021, the # Water2me campaign aims to try to understand the value of water from the different perspectives of the world's population, according to their society and culture.

And is that water can have different meanings for people and societies. It can mean health and hygiene, cleanliness and dignity, productivity, purity and spirituality, habitat or source of food.

In this regard, it seeks to generate forums, communications, collect opinions and comments from people about what water means to them and what role it plays in their lives.

For these purposes, those interested in participating in the initiative can join the campaign showing the world how they, their community or organization value water. To do this, they must upload a photo or video using hashtags What # Water2me, #WorldWaterDay, #valuewater or any other related to the celebration of World Water Day.

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Importance of water use awareness

As we have already seen, water is essential for the sustainability and persistence of life. It is an element that integrates and, in turn, forms natural ecosystems.

For humans, it is not only part of their biological and physiological processes, but also has a variety of uses and applications in the activities they carry out. Thus we must promote awareness of the importance of their conservation.

You should know that 97% of the water in the world is salty. Therefore, only a small part is sweet. Also, of this amount, most of the fresh water is frozen in the perpetual snows of high mountains, glaciers and polar ice caps.

Recognizing the importance of water for the body and for society is the first step to taking care of it.

How can I contribute to conserve water?

Whether acting individually, as a community, as a member of a governmental, business or organizational entity, valuing and caring for water is everyone's responsibility.

There are different actions you can take to contribute to both sanitation and saving water. Among these actions we have to turn off the tap when showering, while lathering ourselves; control boats and leaks; fill the sink when washing dishes; put full loads of clothes in the washing machine; water the plants in the early morning or late afternoon.

World Water Day to value the resource

The theme of the campaign for World Water Day 2021 is the value of this resource. But value does not mean price. In fact, the more precious something is, the less its importance can be measured in monetary terms.

Water is invaluable in our homes, jobs, and activities. For the life of man in particular and for all the beings that populate this planet, the value of water is that of life itself.

For this reason, it has been contemplated within the Sustainable Development Goals to guarantee access to water and to its sanitation for all. Without water there is no sustainability.