World No Tobacco Day: 6 out of 10 smokers fail when they try to quit

On Friday, May 31, the World No Tobacco Day, an appointment that tries to raise awareness about the dangers and consequences of this addiction that costs so many to leave. And no, it is not the perception of a few, in fact the data confirm it. According to a study prepared by, until the 58% of those who try to leave it fail in the attempt.

But why?,why is your lack of success?, Does it have to do with the lack of knowledge ?, of means? These are some answers:

Here little has to do with ignorance. Moreover, the majority of smokers consider that knowing their harmful consequences is an incentive to quit. And is that smoking is paid with more than 52,000 annual deaths in our country, according to estimates of the Working Group on Smoking of the Spanish Society of Epidemiology (SEE). Also, most know the usefulness of methods such as patches and nicotine gum and is even able-if you are already taking it seriously-to mention several specific apps with which it tries to achieve its goal.

Despite the means, it is not an easy task for them. Going back to the numbers, the 41% of those who have loved quit tobacco without success they have tried between once and twice, Meanwhile he 17% remaining has tried to do so in more than three times. And despite the failures there is a positive fact: the 80% want to banish the tobacco of their life. The negative part? That remaining 20% ​​and that Spain is still a country with 24% of the population smoker. Yes, even with the legislative changes and restrictions that have been applied in recent years, which have already lost their initial deterrent effect.

Something that evidences precisely the referred consumption, which has been emerging since 2017. In addition, each time it starts earlier. Not to mention the breach of the regulations that either fail (it is estimated that 62%, especially on terraces with more than two walls) or falls short (58% of consumers consider insufficient measures).

Stop smoking, a matter of money

Beyond health (the main reason to quit tobacco), the Saving is another fundamental aspect, especially for those younger smokers. And it is that a pack of cigarettes 4.50 euros. This would come to mean an outlay of about 1,800 euros per year for those who consume one per day and 14% of the average annual budget of a Spaniard. In other words, in 10 years, if they left it, they would be saving 18,000 euros only in tobacco.

If we add additional costs such as chewing gum and menthol pills against bad breath, those to change the blackened curtains for smoke, dental treatments and other derived costs -variables-, the figure amounts to 23,557 euros per decade. Here it is necessary to comment that until 7 out of 10 consumers support raising the price of tobacco to dissuade the youngest from this habit, as well as to harden legislative measures on terraces but also inside the car and other places where tobacco is currently not vetoed.

How to stop smoking successfully

As we explained, there are several easy-to-quit smoking cessation systems – patches, apps and other pointed methods. But are not the only ones. In fact, the experts indicate that in the abandonment of this addiction the figure of the specialist is very helpful. We are referring to both the psychologist and the pulmonologist and the like. A multidisciplinary approach and adequate follow-up will help us cope with anxiety, dependence and other issues associated with quitting cigarettes.

Nor can we lose sight of the fact that there are currently various smoking cessation techniques, from replacement therapies to hypnosis. In its application, the characteristics of the patient will be key.

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