World alert: this happens to your body if you eat canned tuna frequently

The tuna It is a very consumed product in all parts of the world. You could say that it is the most popular and best-selling blue fish.

However, consuming it in large quantities could be unhealthy, because being a large fish, the dose of mercury could be higher. Known what is it that can produce excessive consumption of tuna.

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Tuna is characterized by containing healthy fatty acids, it has provitamin A, vitamins of group B, vitamin D and E, as well as omega 3 and calcium among other minerals.

It is a food rich in protein that helps the body to increase the intake of this substance, however, as in all cases, it is not healthy to consume too much food no matter how beneficial it may be.

Recent studies revealed that there could be health risks if tuna is consumed more than twice a week. This is due to its high concentration of mercury.

The analyzes conclude that the fish contains in its body compounds such as methylmercury, ethylmercury and phenylmercury that accumulate in the water and that are ingested by them. Other marine species may also contain these compounds, but tuna is one of the highest concentrations of mercury.

For this reason, experts indicate that excessive consumption of tuna could cause damage to the nervous system and the ability to learn, as well as causing problems of concentration and memory.

Here are the disadvantages of eating a lot of tuna:

During pregnancy and lactation We must be careful with the consumption of tuna, because an increase in this food could cause neurological damage to the fetus.

It can generate unwanted diseases if it is consumed raw. In Japanese culture, for example, many sushi or sashimi dishes are consumed and if the fish has not undergone a prior freezing process of at least 48 hours, the Anisakis this present.

Tuna can also cause hypertension. That is why it is contraindicated for people suffering from this condition.

In addition, it can carry a salmonellosis if it is not cooked well. That is why if it is consumed raw it must be previously clean of larvae or parasites and this is achieved through a good cooking or with a previous freeze.

The excessive levels of mercury They can cause a lot of toxicity in the body and damage the lungs, the nervous system, the immune system, the digestive system, and cause injuries to the skin, kidneys and eyes.

In addition, the high content of sodium of canned tuna increases the pressure, which can cause strokes.

In general, mercury levels do not cause harm in an adult. However, we should not trust ourselves. In addition, they may contain other contaminating, harmful and carcinogenic agents found in the adipose tissues of some fish.

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Many species are in danger of extinction due to human consumption. It has become fashionable to consume dishes such as tuna tartare, sushi or sashimi, which make fishing massive. In particular, bluefin tuna is in danger.

Fishing techniques are carried out in a massive way, causing the animal to suffer and die asphyxiated on the decks of ships or crushed by other tunas.

In addition, in fishing they accidentally kill dolphins, that are trapped in the networks. To popularize a consumption that struggles to avoid this massacre, some producers add in their labeling the phrase "dolphin-safe", which ensures that the dolphins have not suffered damage.

It is also important to keep in mind that fishing nets and fishing vessels pollute the environment, not only for the gasoline they use, but also for the amount of plastics and garbage that end up in the sea and that harm all marine species and birds.

After seeing all the inconveniences that the consumption of tuna entails, you may not want to consume it again, and that is that we should be consistent with our actions and decisions.

and you, do you consume tuna frequently? Now that you know all this, share with your family and friends!

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