World AIDS Day

It is estimated that in Spain there are 145,000 people HIV positive. 20% of those infected by the HIV virusThey do not know their status, so in Spain there are about 30,000 people who are asymptomatic carriers and therefore are not aware that they can transmit the infection. He December 1st each year the World Day to Fight AIDS with the aim of visivilizing this disease surrounded by social stigmas.

And, these people (the carriers but asymptomatic), not having symptom, do not access the treatment until advanced stages of the disease, and sometimes when they are already "AIDS case", which means that your immune system is very impaired which reduces your quality of life.

According to the National Registry of AIDS (November 2017) there are 86,663 cases of AIDS in our country since the beginning of the epidemic (1981). In 2016 (latest published data), 607 cases were reported. 80.8% were men and the average age at diagnosis was 44 years.

12.6% of people who developed AIDS in 2016 they got the infection from share injection material for parenteral drug administration. People who got the infection from unprotected heterosexual relationships they accounted for 36.2%. The gay relationships not covered among men, accounted for 39.6%.


Importance of early HIV diagnosis

The National Plan on AIDS, has been proposed to promote early diagnosis and reduce the incidence of HIV infection with the collaboration of pharmacies.

Statistics indicate that the majority of HIV-positive people in Spain are men who have sex with men. In a sexual relationship, women are more vulnerable to infection than men.

In December 2017, the regulations were modified to be able to sell the first HIV self-test in pharmacies.

Should I get tested for HIV?

It is advisable to take the test if you have maintained any of the following risk practices:

  • Sex – no protection – oral or penetration, vaginal or anal.
  • Having shared puncture material such as syringes.
  • If you have contracted any sexually transmitted disease (STDs or STIs such as syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, genital herpes, hepatitis C …) or tuberculosis.
  • If you have a stable partner and want to stop using the condom.

What is the window period?

It is important to know that this HIV test It is reliable if the risk practice occurred at least three months before performing the test, to ensure a sufficient amount of antibodies that can guarantee a positive result.

In some people in 2-8 weeks after infection, there is already a sufficient number of antibodies for the test to detect, but it is always better to wait 3 months after the last risk practice so that the negative result is completely definitive. .

How the HIV test works

He HIV self test It is very simple to use and the result is obtained in 15 minutes. The kit contains everything you need to perform the test:

  • Test device, which includes a cap with buffer solution.
  • Lancet.
  • Band aid.
  • Support.
  • Disinfectant wipe
  • Compress.

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