Woman visits train station every day to hear her late husband’s voice

A woman goes to a train station every day to honor her late husband. Discover her story!

Last update: February 11, 2022

Sincere love grows day by day and lasts for a lifetime. Because of that, Even after death, people look for ways to feel that their loved one is still by their side.

In addition, they find an intimate moment to remember them daily. Well, all they want is to keep them in mind and show them how important they are.

This was demonstrated by Margaret, a woman who kept making a plan every day that involved her late husband. In this article we share all the details of this story.

The woman who found a way to hear her late husband’s voice every day

Margaret McCollum and Oswald Laurence were always a married couple who loved each other with all their lives and enjoyed each other to the fullest. But nevertheless, Unfortunately the man passed away in 2003.

Oswald was a renowned actor, because of this, in 1950 he was the voice that recorded an announcement that was played in all London train stations. That way, his wife clung to that recording to never forget his voice.

This is how she decided to visit London’s “Embankment” station every day. Well, thus he felt that the love of his life was present speaking to him once more.

However, in 2012 the train station officials decided to change the voice system. Therefore, the woman was greatly disappointed.

The fight for her husband’s voice to remain intact

What happened was that the voice system of the train stations underwent an update. As a result of that fact, he could only perform digital recordings.

Margaret, realizing the situation, decided to go to the station workers. There, She explained to them the touching meaning her late husband’s voice had for her.

Thus, they were moved by his story and did their best to digitize Oswald’s voice. What’s more, after achieving it, they gave him a personal recording and promised him that they would continue playing it on the “Embankment” station.

This is how today all the stations have a digitized voice, but on Embankment you can still hear Oswald Laurence. In addition, Margaret continues to attend the place to enjoy one of the most special moments for her.

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love breaks all barriers

This story proves that true love never fades. Well, people do their best to continue caring for him even though his loved one is no longer in the earthly world.

Similarly, makes it clear that not even death is an impediment for people to continue increasing their love. This is because day by day they involve that loved one in their plans.

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