Woman got tattooed the last message that her father wrote to her before he died: “the man I love the most”

This woman decided that her skin was the ideal place to keep the last great message that her father left her in life. Discover the moving story!

Last update: December 30, 2021

Throughout history, tattoos have accompanied human beings. Well, they have become an artistic display that enhances aesthetics and style.

Apart from this, they have also become a technique that allows people to wear an element that has a deep meaning for them on their skin. This because of It can remind you of a loved one or a valuable memory.

Therefore, they decide to take it with them so that they can see it at all times and relive the experience. What’s more, so that your skin is a kind of notebook that remembers your most significant moments in life.

“The man I love the most”, a tattoo with history

Taking into account all those details, a Mexican woman decided to get a tattoo that would remind her of her father. Well, unfortunately, an illness took his life.

However, throughout her existence she wanted to continue feeling that she had him by her side. Therefore, agreed with a tattoo artist on a design that reminded him of the last great moving moment he had lived with his father.

It consisted of the last sentence that the man had written with his own hands to his daughter on a piece of paper.. It said “the man who loved you the most.”

However, in those days the father could no longer write well because of the illness he suffered. That way, the message was captured in a not very fluent handwriting.

Despite this, the woman decided to get the tattoo in the exact calligraphy of her father. Well, this is how he could feel that he himself had written the most important message that was ever going to be on his skin.

The reaction

When the tattoo was finished, the artist Eros RS decided to share it on his social networks. But nevertheless, at that time the post was full of ridicule because they believed it had been a tattoo artist’s mistake.

Photo taken from Eros RS’s Facebook

However, he instantly proceeded to explain that the design had been done with intent. Well, it was the best way the woman had found to always keep the memory of her father in mind.

That was how all the teasing turned into messages of admiration. This because of They recognized that it was a great gesture by the daughter to show the great love and pride she felt for her father.


Tattoos are much more of a superficial technique, as it allows to communicate the most important messages in a person’s life. In addition, it’s a great way to feel close contact and interaction with a loved one who is gone.

Similarly, it is important to reflect on teasing that is done unfairly. Well, It must be clear that all designs have a why and an incalculable importance for each person.