Without heirs, an older adult leaves his company to an employee who worked there for four decades

The dedication that this woman had to her company led her to be rewarded in the best way. Discover this great story!

Last update: 25 January, 2022

There are people who give their whole lives to a company because they claim that this is the place that has given them everything. Because of that, some owners of the entities know how to recognize their work and, at the end of the road, they reward them in the best way.

Similarly, in many of these cases a great bond is formed between the employee and the owners. So much so, that they begin to be so close that they treat each other as if they were blood relatives.

This happened in the company of Juan Moreira, an 89-year-old man who has dedicated his entire life to selling molds in Córdoba (Argentina). Below we share the details of this exciting story.

The bond between the Moreira family and Deolinda

Deolinda Alfonso has always been the trusted employee of Mr. Juan Moreira’s company. Well has remained in place for 40 years of his life and came to work when he was just 12 years old.

This happened because her family was humble and did not have the resources to send all her children to study. In this way, Deolinda chose to start working from an early age to be able to help at home.

She came to the Moreira company on the recommendation of one of her godmothers. Since then, it was in that entity that he learned to perform multiple tasks and was enriching his knowledge over the years.

Her attitude as a hardworking and kind person led her to win the affection of Juan Moreira and his wife. As a result of that fact, they were the ones who gave him the first birthday party of his entire life.

In addition, the bond that was formed was so sincere that they also allowed him to know what it felt like to go on vacation to another city. That is how from that moment they made the decision to vacation together, year after year.

Apart from this, due to the dedication that Deolinda always showed, the family told her that they would be in charge of supporting her at all times. In this way, when the woman was diagnosed with cancer, they accompanied her in her treatment and gave her enough strength to get ahead.

With this act, the Moreiras not only kept their word, but also They showed Deolinda that they love her like the daughter they never had. Therefore, they want the bond and affection to last forever.

Juan Moreira’s decision on the company

Unfortunately, three years ago the life of Juan’s wife was extinguished forever. What’s more, the man stated that his state of health no longer allows him to be in charge of the operation of the company.

Therefore, he decided to make the decision to reward Deolinda’s dedication and leave the company in his name. This, because he revealed that since they had no children, that was also the will of his wife before he died.

Juan states that there were no better hands to leave the company. Well, Deolinda is the person who has been most determined to take care of her and provide quality care to make progress.

For its part, the woman received the news with surprise and tears of emotion. In addition, she commented that she will be grateful for the rest of her life because the Moreira family has allowed her to have a better quality of life year after year.

In the same way, he said that he will take care of her in the best way. Because that is the means by which she will continue to support her children and her family.

Final reflection

Work always becomes a second home, as it is the place that is most frequented when not at home. Therefore, It is essential to create a healthy and enriching environment May it benefit everyone present.

Apart from this, history reflects that there are still people who value the work delivery of others. Because of this, they are grateful, highlight their abilities and support them in all circumstances of life.

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