With these practices you can keep anxiety out of your life

The anxiety and stress They are very real problems that some people have to fight on a daily basis. Some suffer as a result of the natural stress that appears during work and daily routine. However, there are others who have natural propensities to anxiety. These people must be very careful and develop techniques to counteract their effects.

These are six healthy practices that will help you to fight the anxiety of the day to day.

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Perform exercise

Practicing some exercise or sport not only helps us to keep physically fit, but also has positive psychological effects. Some studies show that physical activity is linked to positive emotions. This is because it reduces cortisol, the stress hormone.

In general, experts recommend doing 30 or 40 minutes of exercise a day. This would have the short and long term effect of improving mood, preventing anxiety and depression.

Learn to breathe

In people with clinical symptoms of anxiety, one of the characteristic symptoms is difficulty breathing or the sensation of suffocation. That is why practicing proper breathing can be very important, even if your case is not so serious.

By learning to breathe, we refer to doing it in the most suitable way. Yoga, for example, helps us to breathe deeply and with the full capacity of our body.

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Take a balanced diet

What we eat also influences our brain. To maintain a healthier and anxiety-free mind, it is advisable to eat a diet rich in fiber and essential fatty acids. These improve the intestinal microbiota, which is associated with depression and stress disorders.

Opt for natural remedies

Some remedies balance the nervous system as well as some drugs, helping us achieve a state of deep relaxation, but without side effects. To avoid severe anxiety and feel more relaxed, you can use lavender, passionflower or hypericum.

In case yours is a case that requires medical intervention, it may be necessary to take supplements, such as magnesium or lysine. Again, this should only be done under medical supervision.

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Enjoy life

It seems obvious, but it can be difficult to take the time to enjoy the world around us when we feel overwhelmed by work and our environment. Fill your day to day with people, things, and activities that fill you with joy and positive feelings. Make sure you find what inspires you and fills you with satisfaction.

When we are busy enjoying what we love, anxiety and stress naturally reduce.

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Ultimately, if, despite all these attempts, you do not see your anxiety diminish, you may suffer from a medical condition. In these cases, seeking the support of a professional can give very positive results. An expert will evaluate your case and help you find the causes of the problem.

Do you often suffer from anxiety? Which of these practices do you think is best? Tell us about your experience and share with your friends.

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