With these exercises using Bosu Ball you will burn fat and lose weight easily and quickly

It is not that difficult to know some of the keys on how to train with a Bosu ball, but there are certain things that you must take into account. Mainly, the wide range of exercises that you have at your disposal to then choose the best ones according to your goals. Then you will know why the Bosu ball is a favorite of Eva Longoria and one of the best accessories to slim legs and eliminate fat in general. you need it if you want go to another level or if you want to give your workouts more variety

The Bosu looks like a exercise ball cut in half. It is inflated on one side and has a flat platform on the other. You can find them in most gyms and sports shops. It will make your training more demanding and you have plenty of exercises to work the whole body. The secret: combine several of them (four is a good number) with three sets of 12 repetitions for each.

One leg balance

Balance is the most important thing when you start using a Bosu ball. Stand up and erect on it for later l raise one leg to waist height. Keep your balance for 30 seconds. Then repeat with the other. It will force you to find and keep your gravity center on an unstable surface.


If you are a fan of burpees, you will love the Bosu ball. Place the Bosu side down, put your hands on it and stretch your arms while also stretching the rest of your body. Then collect it all, pick up the Bosu ball and with l your arms outstretched put it over your head. Put the Bosu back on the ground and repeat.


Executing a forward lunge on an unstable surface such as a Bosu ball will require much more stability and balance. Do it slowly. Place the Bosu flat side down. Get behind a comfortable distance where you can step toward the center of the ball. keep your chest upstep forward on the Bosu, place your foot in the middle, execute the lunge and keep your balance. Step your foot back to return to your starting position and repeat with the other leg.

V squat and side to side

This is a variation of a traditional squat and puts special emphasis on your quads. Lay the Bosu flat-side down and stand on it with your heels in the middle and toes pointing out. position yourself from squatting and stretch your arms out in front. then put on stand up and start again. Another option is to do the side to side squat. In this case, you keep one foot on the ground and one on the Bosu. Bring your foot out to the ball so you have both feet on the Bosu for a second as you squat, then bring your other foot back to the ground to start again.

bird dog

Performing the bird dog exercise on a Bosu ball is a fun challenge. Place the Bosu flat side down and get on all fours with your knees on it. Next, simultaneously stretch your right leg and left arm. Then repeat with the other arm and the other leg.


Place the Bosu with the flat side down and t lie on your back with your knees bent and feet on the ball. With the help of the feet raise your back from the ground forming a kind of bridge and then slowly lower your hips to the ground.


Adding a Bosu makes push-ups more difficult. Place the ball side down and place your hands on any edge of the Bosu. Perform push-ups making sure your elbows are at a 45-degree angle and your back is straight throughout the movement.