With just 30 minutes of yoga a day you can get many benefits

By Cuerpomente School

With just 30 minutes of yoga a day you can transform your body, your mind and your life. The best thing is that you can do it at home and at your own pace. Once you start, you'll notice how it can help you stop and focus your mind. In addition, you will see that in a short time you feel healthier and more agile.

Practicing 30 minutes of yoga every day you gain flexibility and improve your posture, while increasing your balance and mental peace, reinforcing your sense of calm. You will see how you manage to relieve muscle pain and, in addition, you learn to relax and connect in a deeper way with yourself.

Yoga also teaches you to become aware of your breathing, with which you will see that it is possible to modify your mental and emotional state. Breathing with full awareness and using your full lung capacity will help you improve your physical condition and calm your mind.

With only 30 minutes of practice a day, you will improve your physical condition and the practice will bring you calm and concentration. You will learn to listen to your body, respecting its limits, and to exercise it without forcing it. Yoga will help you become aware of your body and your mind, keeping stress away and reducing fatigue.

Feeling good physically and mentally is the key to enjoying good health, enjoying the present more and improving your relationships. When you start practicing yoga, you will feel from the first sessions how your day to day improves and how you live more consciously and fully. Are you going to miss it?

How to practice it

In the Bioguide Courses section, in the "Yoga" category, you will find the "Easy Yoga in 30 minutes" course at Cuerpomente School with an exclusive discount. It is beginner-oriented, with quality classes that are easy to follow. You will learn the easiest asanas and discover all the benefits that a good yoga class can bring you, both physically and mentally.

In the first module of the course you will learn everything you need to know to start yoga in theory. In the following modules, you will find the different yoga sessions at home, to practice in a guided way: anti-stress yoga to relax the body and mind, yoga for back pain, dynamic yoga to lose weight, yoga to eliminate toxins.

You will also have a specific session to learn in a guided way how to do the sun salutation, one of the main yoga asanas that will allow you to start the day with more energy and more connection.

Ready to start?