With cream, without cream, truffle filling … Where to buy the best roscones de Reyes this Christmas

There is no Christmas without roscón de Reyes, And this is a fact. Because beyond seafood and roasts, New Year’s Eve grapes, nougat, marzipan and panettones, the Christmas festivities taste like spongy dough, orange blossom, orange zest, almond slices, candied fruit and, for many, too , with cream or truffle. Yes, a roscón de Reyes, in short, a typical sweet that was originally a cake of honey, figs, dates and dried fruits with which the pagan festival of ‘Las Saturnales’ (about the 2nd century BC) was celebrated , and who adopted Christianity when this religion was imposed in the Roman Empire. We are nobody to abandon such deep-rooted (and delicious) traditions, so after trying the best in Madrid (and becoming expert rosconeras) we have decided, too, look for the most delicious in the rest of Spain. Don’t worry, in January we all signed up for the gym to burn off excesses …

Madrid, the paradise of the best roscones de Reyes

Yes, we confess, we are fans of the roscón de Reyes (in fact, we do not understand why it is only eaten at Christmas) so years ago we decided try all of Madrid until you find the best. And of course, with such an impressive offer, it is impossible to choose just one.

Roscones de Mallorca, La Mallorquina and La Duquesita. / DR

Because we can miss our annual appointment with the roscones of ‘all the life’ of The little Duke (where Oriol Balaguer prepares them on Calle Fernado VI, 2), The Mallorquina (Puerta del sol, 8), or Majorca (They have more than 10 stores in Madrid), typical places of the capital that are always a success.

The roscones of Levadura Madre, Crustó and Leon The Baker / DR

But neither can we resist the proposals of Mother yeast (and their individual roscones, which you will find in their more than 60 stores), Crusted (four locations in Madrid and one in Barcelona), Leon the baker (and their ‘gluten free’ roscones), The Magdalene of Proust (with workplaces in Batalla del Salado, Calle Pelayo and Bravo Murillo), Madreamiga (in Montecarmelo, Tetouan and the San Miguel Market) or Pandelirium (in Bravo Murillo, 21; Professor Waksman, 8, Naranjo street, 5 and the Gourmet Experience of El Corte Inglés de Castellana).

The roscones of La Magdalena de Proust, Madreamiga and Pan.Delirio. / DR

The best roscones de Reyes in Barcelona

The ‘war’ between those who prefer roscón with or without cream (then there are those who prefer truffle, yolk, chocolate …) is as fierce as the one waged by the ‘Conceillistas’ and ‘Sincebollistas’ in the potato omelette. But whichever side you are, in Barcelona you can find delicious roscones for all tastes. On one side is Oriol Balaguer, which we have already talked about above because it also takes care of the delicious roscones from La Duquesita, in Madrid, but you cannot stop trying in L’Atelier Barcelona (carrer Viladomat, 140 bis), in addition to its five types of roscones, its famous Galette de Rois variety, a puff pastry with hazelnut cream and Tatin apples; in Beehive (Plaça de l’Àngel, 12), you cannot miss the one with marzipan and candied fruit; and in the Forn La Cantonada (Carrer del Dos de Maig, 314) you can even attend a workshop to learn how to make them yourself.

The roscones from L’atelier, La Colmena and Forn la Cantonada, in Barcelona. / Instagram

Delicious roscones from north to south of Spain

According to what they tell us from La bodega de los Secretos (Calle de San Blas, 4, Madrid), the original recipe for the roscón de Reyes did not contain candied fruit, it was a dry bun sprinkled with sugar and the use of cream was not popularized. until the 60s of the last century. However, although it is now the favorite filling of the Spanish, we find endless varieties, such as the impressive roscón de hojadre, cream and Nutella de Good grandfather, in Seville (They have six locations in the city). If you prefer the original recipe, you have to try the one from the confectionery Flory in A Coruña, with more than fifty years of ‘rosconera’ tradition and very long queues at its door (on Francisco Añón street with Villa de Negreira) every year at dawn from January 5 to 6; wave of The rose of Jericho (Carrer d’Hernán Cortés, 14), one of the most iconic pastry shops in Valencia, with more than 130 years of history.

The roscones of Buenabuelo, Seville; Flory, A Coruña and La rosa de Jericó, Valencia. / Instagram

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