Why You Shouldn't Staple Two Masks To Put Together

In recent weeks you can see people wearing two masks together: one FPP2 together with another surgical one. Some seek more protection, others keep the mask underneath longer. The problem they find is how to hold them, since they would have to put two different rubber bands behind their ears. For this reason, many have chosen to remove the clamp from one of them and staple them together.

From her Twitter account, nurse Elena Plaza completely discourages the incomprehensible practice of "stapling them and making a mixed sandwich of FFP2 substitute between layers of surgical or cutting the rubber bands." As he explains, if "this shitty facial adjustment that they bring us, we put more difficulties by putting a surgical one between the mask and the face and we take the luxury of removing the rubber", they are useless, he explained. In the open thread it can be read that "" the FFP2 that are marketed (those with little ears'), are a trick "regardless of whether they filter or have a paper that endorses them or CE marking".

"An FFP2 must make a perfect facial fit. The standard that regulates them tells us that it must guarantee a tight fit to face of the wearer ", he has assured. For this reason," a traditional FFP is adjusted with rubber bands behind the head and neck. The rest is shit. "For this reason, he recommends the head harness" adjustable or self-adjusting, being also robust enough to firmly hold the filter half mask in the required position and able to maintain the inward leakage requirements ". The standard that regulates them ensures that "it must guarantee a hermetic fit to the wearer's face, regardless of whether his skin is dry or wet and his head is moving," the nurse recalls.

Covid masks

Elena Plaza details how are the tests performed on the masks before their approval: " behavior test This should be done with two testers at room temperature and the test temperature and humidity should be recorded. Within this section there is a subjective analysis of the wearer and, in addition, a gait test is made. The testers dressed in their normal work clothes and wearing filter half masks must walk on a platform at a speed of 6 km / h, continuously, without removing the filter half mask, for a period of 10 min. If all this happens, a quantitative analysis begins that looks at the leak inward. "

In this second analysis, "a panel consisting of 10 clean-shaven people (without beards or sideburns) should be selected, covering the spectrum of facial characteristics of typical wearers (excluding significant abnormalities). These 10 beings without beards were connects a probe that measures and they are made to walk on a treadmill at a speed of 6 km / h for 2 min while: they move their head, turn it, talk, etc. (…) Worse than a stress test ", has added.

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Guillermo Cid

"This was life before. With the pandemic came an RFU (recommendation for use), a recommendation for use, the 2020/403 of March 13 of the wonderful year 2020. Basically it comes to tell us that for everything that is not COVID19, we must comply with the above . Peeeeeero …. This RFU tells us that in a COVID environment, it is not necessary to fulfill some of those tests of this gymkhana. And this is where 'COVID19 masks' are born. Specifically, they tell us that we can move on from the issue of flight to the interior. Half of the tests above do not do them, "he specified.

"And on top we go, and to that shitty facial adjustment they bring us, we put more difficulties putting a surgical mask between the mask and the face and we take the luxury of removing the gums? TRE-MEN-DO ", has concluded.