Why you should stop taking a shower every day, experts say

Are you one of those people who love it? get a shower? Do you like to stay under the artichoke and enjoy the Hot water? Do you need yes or yes a good jet to start the day? Or are you a fan of "showers"? Well, you may be bathing too much and this affects your skin, according to experts.

"It doesn't matter what time of the year it is; it is not necessary to wash the whole body daily", explains the dermatologist Rachel Nazarian to ‘Well + Good’. It may be a controversial statement, but more specialists, such as dermatologist Mona Gohara, add to this belief: "It is advisable to skip a day or two of showering."

Of course, before letting yourself be carried away by this statement and applying it in the wildest way – if you are a slut – keep in mind that the parts that smell most of your body should be washed often. "What you have to do every day is to clean the smelly areas"says Gohara.

Dermatologists point out that it is not necessary to wash your entire body daily. In fact, excessive cleaning can adversely affect the skin

The parties in question are the usual suspects: the armpits, the english and the feet. These, according to Nazarian, harbor more bacteria than other areas. "I recommend that these areas wash daily with a soft gel, since in reality they are the places that should be considered 'dirty', "he points out.

On the other hand, experts indicate that if you wash your hair, it also works for the body. "The shampoo, in fact, cleanses the rest of the body passively; there is no need to use gel specifically on the arms, legs or trunk," says Nazarian, who adds that using extra soap in those areas will really take away to the skin essential oils and will make it dry.

The armpits, the English and the feet should be washed daily, with a soft gel, since they are the areas where more bacteria are generated

"The truth is it is part of our culture to wash in excess"Gohara points out. And maybe you are wondering: what happens if I exercise and sweat?" Doing sports or going to the gym doesn't really change this, "Nazarian points out." Sweat doesn't get dirty, "he says. just clean the three areas of your body more prone to bacteria.

He only sports scenario in which it really advises a greater cleaning is if you are exercising as Wrestling, since in this competition you have skin-to-skin contact with other people.

Hot or cold water

If you set the water temperature between 34 and 38 degrees you will get a relaxing effect, it serves to relieve muscle aches and combat insomnia or tension headaches, but it is not better to cure colds, the flu or to decongest the airways. And it does not open your pores as normally attributed.

Take a shower with cold water In the middle of winter it can be considered a fact of courage. In these icy months, most mortals at least once a day prefer to wash with hot. However, the trend is changing since the many benefits of getting into a bathtub at low temperatures are known.

The use of cold water or hydrotherapy It was already used centuries ago by the doctor of Ancient Greece, Hippocrates. Most studies of exposure to cold involve immersion of the patient in low temperature water, but there are also alternative methods of therapy with ice water, such as baths and cold showers, which seem to have similar effects.