Why you should start drinking matcha tea now if you want to lose weight and have celebrity skin, the word of Gwyneth Paltrow

Goodbye to the water with lemon, to the apple cider vinegar of Miranda Kerr on an empty stomach in the morning. See you later on the celery juice of Ariadne Artiles or the ginger shot of Paula Echevarría. The only and absolute queen of the beauty world, wellness tricks and candles with the smell of her own vagina (I'll only say one word: bergamot) is Gwyneth Paltrow and if she says that the matcha tea It is the solution to all our problems, both outside and inside … what less than give it a thought?

The truth is that the actress's obsession with this tea is nothing new: since ancient times this green tea has been taken in Japan in Zen and meditation rituals for two reasons: its properties, much broader than those of any conventional tea and its ritual, a whole process of preparation not suitable for the most clumsy or addicted to immediacy.

What's so special

We can only sing "like you, there are not two" to matcha tea, because not only is it better than the green tea in a bag that you buy in the supermarket (failing that, the herbalist if you are a millennial), but also help lose weight and be a powerful antioxidant, take a little hand from inside to make the skin look healthier while putting us in a good mood. What more could you want? It seems that the key to happiness is in a little pot of magical green powders.

He matcha tea It is prepared differently from the rest: this fine green powder is the result of drying the green tea leaves and, unlike the infusions we drink every day, it does not have a bag or it is prepared with filters. The powder is mixed directly with a small amount of hot water and then combined with more water, milk or vegetable drink according to your preferences. The ceremony is laborious: If you are a beginner (like a server, the first time show is guaranteed), it is best to buy a starter kit with an electric mixer. If, on the other hand, you want to turn your matcha tea into a cosmic ritual, get an expert combo that includes a ceramic bowl where you can make the mixture and a chasen bamboo whisk, with at least 100 rods to beat the tea by hand with the water (the advisable thing is about 60ml of hot water that has not come to a boil) until you get a light foam.

But let's go back to the benefits, from Matcha & Co, a startup specialized in matcha tea, tell us about some of its benefits:

-Contributes to improve skin

– Helps improve the digestive system

– Provides emotional well-being

– Prevents symptoms of aging

And last but not least, taking it regularly improves blood sugar levels. Although these effects are not instantaneous, from the fourth week on you will start to notice them, especially if you want to lose weight and eliminate toxins, "The consumption of matcha tea combined with a balanced diet and exercise helps to lose 17% more fat In addition, it also contributes to a correct maintenance of the weight ", they affirm from the signature.

Matcha & Co. Matcha tea starter set

But the magic of matcha tea does not stop here: it has more antioxidant power than green tea, it contains zinc, chromium, magnesium, selenium and catechins that boost the immune system and EGCG polyphenols, which speed up metabolism and help in the detoxification process. . If after all this we have not convinced you to put a matcha tea in your life, wait: it is also the perfect coffee substitute for many reasons.

If you think your takeaway coffee addiction needs a break, this is the perfect solution. Although matcha tea has three times more caffeine than normal green tea, its high content of L-theanine creates a feeling of calm that is far from the subion that coffee or green tea can provide, but without neglecting the feeling of being awake and active. What's more, you will have the best of both worlds: the caffeine in mattcha tea takes longer to release so the effect will be longer, but you will not have the unwanted side effect of the excitement of a well-loaded coffee.

And there is even more ("tell me more, tell me more" I have heard from my converted living room in office): it is an essential ally to take care of the skin, especially if you suffer from acne or conditions such as rosacea due to its antioxidant benefits . If you take it every morning, you will kill two birds of a guy: delicious breakfast and benefits, but if its taste does not convince you … you can also take it in capsules or benefit from its properties with a matcha tea mask, yogurt and a teaspoon of honey. The decision is yours alone.

If it does not convince you in its more traditional version, you can also incorporate it into your recipes or desserts. Cakes, cupcakes … the thing is to incorporate it into your routine and once you do it, you will not be able to live without it (just as it happened with that dress from the sales you found out of surprise). Little word by Gwyneth Paltrow.

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