Why you should shower every day, especially in quarantine

Following quarantine, it is possible that many people have neglected their hygiene and physical appearance by not having to leave home and having to go to public places. More than one will have grown too much hair or beard. Recently we offered you a series of tips to cut your hair at home if the hair loss has already exceeded limits and you can not wait for the hairdressers to open.

Today we bring up another debate. Should we take a shower every day even though we don't sweat nor do we have to go outside in the sight of other people? How often do you use the shower in this quarantine? Is it really healthy for our skin to abuse this ritual of personal hygiene?

A hot or warm shower reduces inflammation and increases nitric oxide levels in the blood, lowering blood pressure

A Harvard study ensures that soap contains bacterial agents that can eliminate the good pathogens that defend our body from other not so friendly bacteria. But there are also other studies that link hot showers to positive effects on our immune system. So is it really good to shower every day even though we don't have to go anywhere?

For those with sensitive skin it's not a good thing, since excessive showering can produce uncomfortable irritations that can be a nuisance added to the fact of being in quarantine and not being able to go out for fresh air. However, you can alson use aloe vera creams and ointments to hydrate the epidermis again and cover it with a protective layer of this kind of good fat, so that it does not dry out or appear irritations.

You will feel more relaxed

On the other hand, a daily shower is very beneficial for improving mood and mental health. Like physical exercise, a warm or warm bath reduces inflammation and increases nitric oxide levels in the blood. lowering blood pressure, which will produce a total relaxation of the organism.

In this sense, there is nothing better than combining both routines. The best plan to end these afternoons of home confinement is to carry out a good session of physical training that makes us sweat and release endorphins, the so-called "happiness hormone", to then lock ourselves in the bathroom and give us a relaxing hot shower. If you accompany it with music, it will be much more pleasant, since it will be easier for you to escape from everyday problems and the pressure of having to be confined at home.

Ah! And of course, another great benefit of a daily shower is obviously that coexistence with those with whom you are sharing the space is much better, since it would be very uncomfortable to live with a dirty person and who does not take into account the basic aspects of personal hygiene, causing unnecessary conflicts that are better to avoid.