Why you should not stay drowsy when the plane takes off

There are people who have you Panic to aircraft and they can not catch the dream even if they are locked in that winged pileup on a 30-hour trip of Madrid to Wellington (New Zealand). Other people, on the other hand, fall asleep at the first moment of change and not even a nuclear hecatomb could cause them to come out of their dream depths. And, also, there are those who they decide to sleep when the plane takes off

It's normal, since that moment, along with the landing, it may be the most "traumatic"of the trip, however, if you are thinking about making a Travel by plane soon, maybe you should know that dozing during these moments could have serious consequences for your health, according to the latest studies, as Informa 'The New York Post'.

The barotrauma

Why? "A rapid change in altitude, like what happens during these two moments of the trip, undoubtedly affects the air pressure in the ear. A vacuum is produced in the eustachian tubes and that can cause havoc on your eardrums. It is quite frequent and probably you have ever experienced it not only on a flight, also traveling by road or diving.

This condition is known as barotrauma and, if it is prolonged in an important way, others may occur symptom like nose and ears bleeding, intense and acute pain, significant loss of hearing or significant dizziness.

The best way to fight against pressure changes is by eating chewing gum, yawning or covering your nose and expelling the air

Depending on the patient and the gravity and if it is not removed naturally (eating chewing gum, yawning or covering your nose, closing the mouth and releasing air with force) may require pharmacological treatment and the prescription of nasal decongestants or antihistamines to relieve the inflammation, or even surgical (inserting drainage tubes, which is recommended if you have to re-submit to changes in abrupt altitude).

But why is not it good sleep idea? Well, precisely, because we can not try uncover our ears if that happened to us. You must, therefore, drink water, chew gum, suck a lollipop or blow your nose when it is happening to be able to alleviate symptoms a bit. What is less to fall asleep. If possible also avoid flying in case you have a cold, sinusitis, otitis or you have had an operation by ear.