Why you should not exercise until half an hour after eating

Surely you have heard more than once the popular myth that warns children not to jump into the water of the pool just finish eating. It is not a trivial matter, since the body is completely busy doing digestion, and asking you to start burning fat immediately is not very optimal for swallowing food.

However, there are many people who still believe that going out to exercise after eating is more effective when it comes to burning all the calories and fats you have ingested and that will get you to lose weight faster. Obviously, food is still in the stomach Just finish eating, so it is absurd. Actually, it is a fairly dangerous myth, since as we said, the body is busy doing digestion, which causes most of the blood to go to the stomach, producing digestion cuts or even fainting in the worst case.

Eating something heavy before exercise can cause many discomforts that can make you feel bloated or even give you stomach cramps.

So, how much rest time is needed before running, swimming or cycling after a meal? According Melissa Rifkin, New York dietitian, eating before training is a must, since you don't give up or have calories to burn. And he points out that here are two factors to consider: one, the type of exercise you are going to do and your degree of physical demand, and on the other hand, the amount of food you have previously eaten.

"Basically, the more you eat, the longer you have to wait to exercise," he says. Amie Rowe, Rifkin's fellow dietitian, in 'Business Insider'. "Eating something heavy immediately before a workout can cause many gastrointestinal discomforts that can make you feel bloated or even give you stomach cramps. Also, you will not get optimal performance, due to the competition for blood that occurs between the muscles and your digestive system. "

What should you eat?

If you are one of those people who are always busy and you cannot find another time in the day to catch up on the 'fitness' that is not after eating you will be thinking, How do i do it Do not worry, there are things you can eat before going out to the race, but of course, they should be very light to digest. Rowe advises taking a low-fiber "snack" for 30 to 45 minutes before performing short but demanding exercises, such as HIITs or high intensity intervals.

These easily digestible carbohydrates break down quickly to provide fuel to the body and can be bananas, nut butter, yogurt or energy bars. For heavy duty activities such as running or swimming, however, you will need to store more energy for longer. Rowe advises ingest carbohydrates with protein two or three hours before exercising, such as whole wheat bread with butter or yogurt with fruit.

In case of a marathon …

For the bottom runners, these agapes will not be enough, obviously. Some dietitians recommend charge the carbohydrate body two or three days before a race, with foods such as pasta, rice or potatoes. In these physical activities maintained for long periods of time, the body burns stored fats and carbohydrates to produce energy, so it is essential to eat abundantly (but healthy) in order to obtain all the necessary nutrients.

"When there are no carbohydrates available in the bloodstream, the body depends on energy stores called glycogen, which can be depleted during an intense or long exercise session," Rowe explains. In short, just make sure you don't go hungry to the race, but don't fill up either. "An energy bar or a banana thirty minutes before would be the most appropriate." Ah! And most importantly: stay away from any high-fat food as soon as you finish physical effort, the temptation is there, don't say later that we don't warn you.