Why you should eat pistachios during confinement (and afterward) if you have anxiety

The new routine in the confinement era It consists of three movements that are repeated throughout the day: 1) get up from the uncomfortable chair from which you telecommute – who was going to tell you that you would miss your office throne so much? -, 2) walk slowly, as if you were a zombie in the kitchen, 3) open the fridge, to surprisingly find the same food as an hour ago. Sad because gluttony consumes you (no, it is not hunger) you go back to work.

This time you have not fallen into the networks of the dreaded "eat between meals", but it will come. And two hours later, there you are, again with your head poking out of the fridge. What can I eat ?, you wonder. Okay, nuts is the answer, but which ones? Yes, pistachios.

The truth is that nuts are one of the healthiest snacks that exist and although they are one of the most feared for their caloric intake, their properties are worth it. Raw almonds, walnuts … it is much better to opt for a handful of these foods between meals than for an ultra-processed one. Did you know that pistachios are the lowest calorie nuts? Neither do we. So if what you are worried about is gaining some weight during the quarantine, there is no danger: open that bag that you have on the table and dedicate yourself to separating shell and prize without remorse.

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According to a study carried out by four Spanish researchers and led by the Dr. Mónica Bulló, researcher at the Pere Virgili Health Research Institute (IISPV), the pistachios incorporated into a balance diet They could reduce the intake of other harmful foods, especially if you eat to alleviate anxiety during confinement.

Thanks to their high fiber content and their satiating power, they are the perfect alternative to any other dried fruit since they provide very few calories, (a serving of 30 gr contains 160 calories). As stated by the doctor in the research, published in the British Journal of ReviewThe pistachios "are good for controlling weight, regulating cholesterol, maintaining normal blood pressure and contributing to a balanced diet."

You sign up? We already have favorite dried fruit during quarantine, and also afterwards.

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